9/28/2022 – Revision 12.2.492
- UI updates to modernize the look and feel of PartyCAD. Updated screens includes the Main Menu, Page Editor, Design Editor, and Load Picture screen.

- Edit/Draw Lines command: This command in the Page Editor has been improved to be more streamlined and intuitive. Also, when using the “Freehand Lines” tool, the Step Size control is now shown within the Draw panel itself, rather than in a separate hidden menu.
- “Move” increment picker: This control in the Design Editor now highlights to indicate the active increment mode (1 inch, 1 foot, or user-defined).
- “Define Irregular Shape” tool: This tool in the Make Groups command has been renamed to “Lasso Select”.
- Load Picture screen (a.k.a. “Picture As Plan”, “Guide Picture”): Resizing the window now resizes the image with it. You can shrink the window without clipping the image or enlarge the window to see a larger preview.
- Lock/Unlock buttons: These buttons in the “Make Group” command of the Design Editor were reversed from their proper function (the Lock button unlocked, and vice-versa). This has been fixed.
- “All Layers Visible” indicator: The “eye” indicator for Layers in the Design Editor was supposed to show a slash through the eye if any layers were hidden, but this was not working. This has been fixed.

3/05/2019 – Revision 12.2.491
- Fixed a bug for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

1/16/2019 – Revision 12.2.490
- Add uInnovate (Submit New Ideas) link to main page.  Begin updating logos in the application.

2/27/2018 – Revision 12.2.488
- Attempts to add tents from the website failed on some machines because the ~ in the name was changed to a _ for some unknown reason. PartyCAD can now cope with this phenomena. 

1/4/2018 – Revision 12.2.487
- Late last year, I added a lot of debugging code in pursuit of what turned out to actually be a problem caused by anti-virus software external to PartyCAD. This version cleans up PartyCAD by removing that no longer needed code. This has no effect on performance.

11/29/2017 – Revision 12.2.470-486
- I have placed some debugging code in the program that is turned on only if the file PartyCADOP.txt exists on the user’s desktop. This will not affect the program in any way if the file is missing.

11/29/2017 – Revision 12.2.468
- PartyCAD normally keeps information on open projects in an \Open Projects folder in AppData. In recent weeks this seems to be causing a problem for some users, so in an attempt at a fix, now if a file named PartyCADOP.txt is present on the user’s desktop, PartyCAD will put the \Open Projects folder within whatever folder is specified within this file. For instance, if the file contains the line: 
       C:\Users\info\Documents\My PartyCAD Files\_Resources
Then that is where \Open Projects will be placed. It is hoped that moving \Open Projects out of AppData will alleviate the problems users have be having. If the file is not on the desktop, PartyCAD behaves as it always has and keeps \Open Projects in the AppData folder.

11/29/2017 – Revision 12.2.467
- Improved reporting of ‘Too many files’ error. This is actually a ‘Path/access denied’ error typically caused when saving or creating a new project on a very few machines. The cause is some sort of permissions issue, I believe, but the details and solution remain elusive.

7/19/2017 – Revision 12.2.458
- I improved handling of adjustments of Hufsoft phone number in program and online documentation

6/1/2017 – Revision 12.2.457
- Improved the importation of billboard art to better handle transparency colors and improve the image quality of the resulting billboards.

4/28/2017 – Revision 12.2.456
- Invalidated a serial number

4/27/2017 – Revision 12.2.455
- If the Design Editor, clicking the Zoom All / Redraw button at the bottom of the screen is supposed to zoom out to show your entire design. To do this the program has to look at the location of every piece in the design. In the past even deleted pieces were included in this process, which is incorrect and at times caused irritating scaling problems. Fixed. The program no longer includes deleted pieces in its calculations.
- Added a new button in the Select Group menu of the Design editor. After you select a piece in the Select Group menu, a Reverse Selected button appears. Clicking this reverses the selected status of all pieces in your design. This can be useful if you are trying to remove a lost a piece… just select all the good pieces, then click Reverse Selected, then click Delete Selected and the (unseen) problem piece will be removed. The plan will then be rescaled and redrawn to show the result. 

4/11/2017 – Revision 12.2.454
- Improved error handling if PartyCAD cannot save to AlbumSettings.txt
- Invalidated a stolen serial number

3/30/2017 – Revision 12.2.453
- Added a new method for extending the time limit on demo versions.

2/14/2017 – Revision 12.2.452
- On certain machines, PartyCAD crashes when you try to use the Furniture Gallery. This is a Microsoft problem, I believe. This version of PartyCAD contains a rewritten Furniture Gallery for 2017 that, hopefully, avoids the problem. To use the new version get to the Start Menu and click Options > Advanced Options > Use 2017 Gallery

1/4/2017 – Revision 12.2.451
- Revised PartyCAD to use the new PartyCAD website located at www.hufsoft.net on a GoDaddy server. For the  most part, the new site looks the same as the old but is a bit faster and hopefully more reliable.

12/22/2016 – Revision 12.2.436
- Changed program to access our new GoDaddy site for online resources.

12/13/2016 – Revision 12.2.433-435
- If the Other or Remote projects location ends with a “\”  this caused problems in viewing custom furniture. Fixed. A terminating “\” is now automatically removed and the location of Global resources is adjusted accordingly in the Locations menu.

10/24/2016 – Revision 12.2.432
- If a design contained a large number of large groups and sub-groups, PartyCAD would fail with a Bad Record Number error if you clicked the Return button to return to the Page Editor. Fixed

6/28/2016 – Revision 12.2.431
- Modified startup to avoid error messages due to inability to remove FTP~Info.PCAD file during a check for updates.
- Allowed Auto Check for Updates to be set to Monthly and Never.

6/2/2016 – Revision 12.2.430
- Disabled form minimize and maximize buttons in Template Select menu. These actions are not allowed.

5/24/2016 – Revision 12.2.429
- Added code to handle recreation of corrupt Locations2.inf file.

4/19/2016 – Revision 12.2.427
- Added debugging code at entry point of 2013 furniture gallery
- Modified missing Windows Media Encoder handling to send user to rewritten help.
- If current index in AlbumExpansions.txt is damaged it is now automatically created
- Improved FTPInfo_Decode routine to better handle imperfect FTP~Info.PCAD file.
- Visibility of text on page could be mishandled if user hid and then showed the design on the page. Fixed.

2/8/2016 – Revision 12.2.424-425
- Added Lost Serial? button to registration form.

2/2/2016 – Revision 12.2.418-423
- Improved debugging code in SettingsGetFTPNew routine.
- Allowed for periods in project names.
- Improved appearance of messages on machines with fonts > 150%
- Improved Furniture Album appearance on machines with fonts > 150%
- Now provides a clear warning if an attempt is made to run PartyCAD while a PC is in Tablet Mode.
- Now accommodates much larger Anchor tents… > 120x500

5/29/2015 – Revision 12.2.417
- Opening a .BAK file with PartyCAD 12 did not cause it to be passed to the importer routines. Fixed.

5/4/2015 – Revision 12.2.416
- Could not load custom pieces from Furniture Album. Fixed.
- Check for Updates selection was misbehaving. Fixed.
- Additional Tents and Furniture downloaded via Chrome browser are automatically renamed to substitute dashes for tildes in their file names, thus causing confusion in PartyCAD. Fixed. PartyCAD now allows for this behavior.

2/12/2015 – Revision 12.2.415
- For some Limited Users, PartyCAD would crash when a piece of furniture was selected from the 'All Furniture' portion of the Furniture Album in the Design Editor. This was due to a permissions problem having to do with saving usage history into a protected folder. Fixed.

2/7/2015 – Revision 12.2.414
- Tweaked x-y position of center poles generate by the Tent Wizard to better model large center pole diameters.

1/24/2015 – Revision 12.2.412
- Improved response to failure on first run after a reinstall without Admin permissions.
- Allow greater precision when entering dimensions in the Design Editor

1/12/2015 – Revision 12.2.407-408
- Set up program to use TeamViewer 10.

1/10/2015 – Revision 12.2.404-406
- Fixed problems with remote Created Resources not being used or not available.

1/8/2015 – Revision 12.2.400-403
- Allowed for up to 1000 items on a page.
- Added debugging of Chilkat FTP failures.
- Added tracing code for FTP login routines

12/30/2014 – Revision 12.2.396-399
- Handled ComputeNormals failure in the View Editor
- Tweaked startup code to handle a problem with deleting an old/unneeded file.
- Included logic to record activity if folder PCADLog exists on desktop.

12/19/2014 – Revision 12.2.387-395
- Testing & Tweaking

12/19/2014 – Revision 12.2.386
- In the Page Editor, clicking File / Save as PDF saved a PDF but did not apply the watermark if there was one. Fixed
- Reworked how the program handles a variety of special conditions related to internet connectivity. Polished online ordering code. Implemented dynamic switches that will control future updates and the behavior of the program under various environmental conditions.

11/13/2014 – Revision 12.2.379-383
- Allowed extended demos and registration grace period between 11/19/14 and 12/4/14 … I'll be on vacation.

11/7/2014 – Revision 12.2.378
- Added the ability to save designs as PDF files in the Design Editor's File menu.

11/5/2014 – Revision 12.2.376-377
- Moved location of lastTent.txt from GlobalData to AppData to accommodate use of OneDrive with PartyCAD 12.
- Improved error messaging for files missing due to their being Online-only files in OneDrive

10/28/2014 – Revision 12.2.373-375
- When attempting to save a very large grouped piece in the Design Editor and 3D Thumbnail was selected, the program would fail with an error. Fixed. Now if a piece is too big for the 3D Thumbnail logic to handle, a normal 2D thumbnail is automatically produced instead.

10/27/2014 – Revision 12.2.369-372
- Added file name to PDF annotation if annotate is on.
- Simplified saving of watermark info to make it more reliable.

10/22/2014 – Revision 12.2.368
- After a Crypto Locker disinfection, certain damaged files can cause PartyCAD to fail at startup:
                Old version info file. Fixed
                Registration data. Fixed

10/14/2014 – Revision 12.2.367
- In the Page Editor, in Set Line Style, could not change the color of lines to any but the six preset colors. Fixed.

10/11/2014 – Revision 12.2.365-366
- In the Page Editor, when editing the lines of a view, certain lines of tent tops could not be deleted. Also, successfully deleted lines did not immediately disappear from the page once editing was complete. Instead you had to click Page refresh twice to eliminate these from the display on screen. Both problems have now been fixed.

10/7/2014 – Revision 12.2.363-364
- Improved performance of the Refresh Plan Automatically Option in the Design Editor.
- Disabled updating of versions older than 12.2.260. A reinstall is now required to update these older version.

10/6/2014 – Revision 12.2.361-362
- Low contrast background pictures could cause Picture as Plan to misbehave. Fixed.
- Moved Lighten and Darken commands to top menu bar in Edit Picture Menu.
- Clarified the language in the Save Project message that appears in the Design Editor when you edit a Picture as Plan plan.

9/29/2014 – Revision 12.2.360
- Further tweaked adjustments for new server and added FTP login testing to Start Menu / Options/ Advanced Options

9/27/2014 – Revision 12.2.350
- Our ISP forced us to migrate to a new server, which changed some settings and required adjustments to PartyCAD. If 'in program' updating fails, visit www.partyCAD.net and look at the FAQ.

9/21/2014 – Revision 12.2.342
- Added the ability to override the default locations of the AppData folder and User data folders. To use, add a file named:  DefaultLocations.txt  containing two lines:
… The desired AppData path (ex C:\Users\Clembo\AppData\Local) and
… The desired UserData path (ex C:\Users\Clembo\Documents)
This file must be placed in the installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\PartyCAD12 ) just after installation but before the program is first run. The presence of this file causes the indicated locations to be used in preference to the default AppData and UserData folders provided by the operating system. The indicated folder paths must exist and have full permissions.

9/18/2014 – Revision 12.2.341
- Removed a non-functioning test button mistakenly left behind during development
- Deprecated. See Revision 12.2.342 above.

9/16/2014 – Revision 12.2.340
- Getting ready for server changes that will affect registration, ordering and updating of PartyCAD from within the program. Both update and full install were adjusted.

9/14/2014 – Revision 12.2.336
- Dashed lines appeared to work in the Page Editor, but the lines were not dashed in print output PDFs. Fixed.
- Generalized FTP login and allowed for future FTP password change

9/1/2014 – Revision 12.2.335
- Clicking pieces near the top of a Furniture Album page sometimes caused an underlying button in the Design Editor (File, Options, View From or Help) to also be clicked, causing confusing operation of the program. Fixed.

8/23/2014 – Revision 12.2.334
- In some cases when a design with a 'picture as a plan' background was hidden, the design was hidden but the background picture was not. Fixed.

7/21/2014 – Revision 12.2.333
- PartyCAD failed with recompress errors on limited user error recovery when using ChilKat compression. Fixed… temporary folder was in protected location, moved to appData.
- Added Clear Stuck Projects command to Start Menu/ Options/ Advanced Options/ this moved the Current Projects folder to a new location to clear the problem without risking any data.

6/16/2014 – Revision 12.2.332
- Tweaked Tent Wizard to better handle center poles on Tidewater tents and modified Tidewater data to improve performance and add a 51x151 and a 32x50 with a 20' mid. To get the new tents, you must reinstall PartyCAD 12.

5/22/2014 – Revision 12.2.331
- Improved project importer to correctly handle PartyCAD 11 projects with hidden background pictures.
- Added Clear Recent Projects List option to the list that appears when you right-click on a project in the Recent Projects list

5/20/2014 – Revision 12.2.330
- Further improved Options/ Advanced Options/ Test DirectX report.
- Tweaked Registration and Order Forms to improve performance.
- Made this version the one used for full installs from the internet.

5/15/2014 – Revision 12.2.327,328
- If DirectX was not working on a machine, you could not make a Picture as Plan project as PartyCAD 12 would hang during project creation. Fixed. You still cannot create 3D views (as this is what DirectX is used for) but you can now do 2D plans.
-Improved Options/ Advanced Options/ Test DirectX report

4/9/2014 – Revision 12.2.326
- Using very low contrast pictures in Picture as Plan could cause PartyCAD to fail. Fixed

3/30/2014 – Revision 12.2.325
- Thumbnails for created furniture on large font system were imperfect. Fixed
- Thumbnails were incorrectly displayed on large font systems were not displayed correctly during As1 saves. Fixed
------------- New Setup Version --------------
Reinstalling PartyCAD modifies the furniture libraries as follows:
- A second version of the TideWater 32x50 with a 20' mid has been added to the Tent Wizard
- A Tidewater 32x90 has been added to the Tent Wizard
- Bil-Jax staging color have been changed to better match reality
- A triangular stage piece has been added both set of Bil-Jax stages in the Gallery.
- Bil-Jax 30" high staging pieces were in fact 15" high. Fixed

3/19/2014 – Revision 12.2.323
- Added ability to import all plans from an old PartyCAD11 project. In Import, hold the Ctrl key while check marking Select Multiple Projects. A new checkbox appears, Plans Only. Check mark this and all the plans in the old-style projects you select will be imported into appropriately located PlansAll folders. Only Plans will be imported.
- If you want colored text on your forms, you are limited to the pure colors Black (0,0,0), Gray (192,192,192), Red (255,0,0), Green (0,255,0), Blue (0,0,255) and Purple (255,0,255). To set the color select the text, click the current color in the panel at the left, click More Colors, and select one of the colors just mentioned. Now you are ready to save the project as a form in the normal manner.
- Added logic to facilitate registration of PartyCAD on secure systems/ networks.

3/8/2014 – Revision 12.2.322
- Some views were produced with a light blue instead of a white background color. Fixed.
- In View Editor > Options checking/unchecking Show Labels did not produce an immediate effect in the view. Fixed.

2/24/2014 – Revision 12.2.321
- Importing very large pictures with Picture as Plan causes out of memory problems on some systems. Now, if a picture has dimension larger than 2000 pixels on the largest dimension, the picture is resized to 2000 when imported into PartyCAD. This gives much more reliable performance while maintaining an acceptable result.

2/18/2014 – Revision 12.2.319,320
- Modified method of changing and interrogating current directory to accommodate unmapped network drives
- Improved 'inaccessible location' error message to give a little more help on solving the problem.

2/15/2014 – Revision 12.2.317,318
- disallowed old squiggle logic
- modified Registration form to be clearer and to include a Check for Updates button
- Changed copyright date to 2014
- Improved the Tent Wizard's Assembly tab to better handle metric and fractional values
- Improved Tent Wizard and Furniture creation logic to better handle large font systems

1/31/2014 – Revision 12.2.314,316
- If the Chilkat routines are not present on a computer, PartyCAD will not attempt to use them.

1/30/2014 – Revision 12.2.312-313
- Modified the program to better handle the case where a project loaded from a server cannot be placed back on the server when the project is saved. Usually this means the server has gone down. Such files are now saved to the My PartyCAD Files folder on the local machine. The message associated with this problem has been modified to give more information and advice.
- Modified message associated with the Start Menu command Options>Advanced Options> Reset Program to Installed State. The command performs as before but now notifies the user that copies of the removed files will be placed in a zip file in their local My PartyCAD Files folder. This is done to allow for program improvements and to insure that nothing critical is lost due to the reset.

1/26/2014 – Revision 12.2.311
- Allowed Web Page creation logic to create zipped web pages using either Xceed or Chilkat routines.
- Disallowed creation of web page EXE files because of security concerns. Zip files are more flexible and a lot safer.
- Allowed automatic demo extensions during the period when we will be away at the 2014 ARA.

1/25/2014 – Revision 12.2.310
- Completed phase one work on Xceed replacement project. Currently if Xceed fails, the Chilkat routines are used instead. Other than a beep when Xceed fails the first time, this fact will not be evident to users.

1/24/2014 – Revision 12.2.303
- PartyCAD was change to allow the program to optionally use Chilkat Zip routines instead of the traditional Xceed Zip routines. Users should see no difference in the program's performance either way. The Xceed routines are problem prone, and this is the first step toward replacing them with the more modern Chilkat equivalents. To use the Chilkat routines, from the Start Menu click Options > Advanced Options > Use Chilkat Zip routines.  Once testing is complete, the Chilkat routines will be the default.

1/22/2014 – Revision 12.2.300
- In the Design Editor, when setting the dimensions of a piece, sometimes the current value was selected on entry, sometimes it was not. Fixed. The current value is now always selected on entry.

1/16/2014 – Revision 12.2.299
- Fixed some glitches with the rarely used Edit 'My Library' Piece command.

1/11/2014 – Revision 12.2.297-298
- Improved accuracy of project thumbnails.
- Added Forum link to Help & Update section of Start Menu.
- Watch Me now always shows the online version of the Quick Start video.

12/4/2013 – Revision 12.2.296
- Insure that forms are always on-screen at startup.

12/2/2013 – Revision 12.2.295
- When working on ‘Picture as Plan’ style projects, you can now change the scale of the plan or substitute a new picture by clicking the Edit Plan button in the Design Editor.
- When printing a page that has a border, items falling outside the border are now cropped at the border line of the page. This yields a neater result.
- PDFs created for A5 size paper had orientation problems. Fixed.

11/20/13 - Revision 12.2.292
- Drawings in PDF files looked OK on screen but appeared too light if printed. Fixed.
- Users can now manually control line widths in PDF files. In the Page Editor, click File / Preferences / PDF Line Width

11/14/13 - Revision 12.2.291
- Reworked how PartyCAD handles the layering of parts in the Page Editor. Overlapping parts are now handled correctly when printed and the layer order you set with ‘Send to Back’ and ‘Bring to Front’ commands is now maintained after you visit other modules of the program.
- Made cosmetic changes to a few menus so they display correctly if the font size is set to 125%.
- If the folder C:\Temp\PartyCAD exists, PartyCAD will use that for the storage of temporary data.

10/31/13 - Revision 12.2.282
- When saving a PDF in the Page Editor by clicking File/ Save as PDF, you can now select either the desktop or the current project’s folder for the default destination.
- When saving a JPG in the View Editor by clicking File/ Save as JPG, you can now select either the desktop or the current project’s folder for the default destination.
- Removed fonts that start with @ from list of available fonts in the text editor. Such fonts are for vertically aligned Chinese and Japanese character sets and their use causes the PDFs created by PartyCAD to be very large.
- Allowed for automatic trial extensions during our vacation.

10/24/13 - Revision 12.2.275 - 281
- In app purchasing completed.

10/14/13 - Revision 12.2.270
- Missing form art caused the program to fail. Fixed
- Improved in app purchases logic

10/13/13 - Revision 12.2.264 - 269
- Improved in app purchases logic

10/11/13 - Revision 12.2.263
- Refined how the distance between points is entered while setting up a ‘picture as plan’ project. It is now harder to enter an unintended value for the distance.

10/10/13 - Revision 12.2.261 - 262
- In ‘picture as plan’ projects, text sometimes disappeared from the page after a visit to the Design Editor. Fixed.
- In the Page Editor, a Hershey label more than twice the size of the page could cause peculiar results when the resulting PDF was printed. Fixed. Such labels are no longer printed.

10/9/13 - Revision 12.2.243 - 260
- Added a feature: if a piece is named NODRAW in the Design Editor, it will not be drawn in the design or views but it will still be rendered. This is useful if you want to add borderless color shading to your designs.
- Improved error reporting at startup if an important folder is not accessible or cannot be created.
- The first text added to a page in the Page Editor would often be set to a stupidly large size. Fixed
- Added logic to allow in app purchase of PartyCAD – this is still under development.

9/11/13 - Revision 12.2.242
- Added debugging code which displays if the CTRL key is pressed when PartyCAD is started.
- Added dialogs to Make Plan to insure that users do not exit accidentally and loose a plan they have created.

8/15/13 - Revision 12.2.239 - 241
- On certain dual screen systems attempting to use the Party Gallery in the Design Editor caused PartyCAD to misbehave and eventually fail. Fixed.

7/31/13 - Revision 12.2.237
- Allowed for automatic trial extensions during our vacation.

7/26/13 - Revision 12.2.236
- Sometimes PartyCAD is not sensing the correct screen scaling factor. Simplified the code.
- Fixed an obscure bug to accommodate a very large, very old 3D plan.

7/14/13 - Revision 12.2.235
- In multi-page projects the pages are given numbers in the Page Editor.
- When a multi-page project is saved in the Page Editor, the current page is used to make the thumbnail for the project.
- PartyCAD now saves larger project icons which are displayed in Windows via the PartyCAD Previewer.
- Pressing the spacebar in the Page Editor marks the page as changed. This makes it easy to update a project to a larger thumbnail. Just open the project, press the spacebar, exit the program and click Save.
- Saving a page via the Save as icon in the Page Editor will now save the page even if no changes have been made. This is another way to create a larger thumbnail for an existing page.
- Tweaked various screens and menus to accommodate larger thumbnails.
- Changed the PartyCAD 12 installer to install and register the dlls responsible for showing thumbnails in Explorer and in PartyCAD’s File Open and File Save menus.
- Changed the PartyCAD 12 installer to include Tidewater tents in the Tent Wizard.
- Tweaked just installed cosmetics.

7/3/13 - Revision 12.2.216
- Picture as Plan did not scale drawings correctly on French language machines. Fixed.

6/24/13 - Revision 12.2.212
- Changed the default folder for saved images to match the folder in which the current project is located.

6/15/13 - Revision 12.2.211
- Improved ‘stuck’ projects message to recommend a restart.
- Improved display of Furniture Album on large font systems
- Improved order of operations when setting plan size in Create Simple Plan
- Updated code signing certificate – now valid through 6/14/2018
- Tweaked UpdateNote to better handle very out-of-date versions of PartyCAD 12

5/12/13 - Revision 12.2.206
- Neatened up various screens and menus to display properly on large font machines such as the Surface Pro.
- In the Page Editor, added an option to color/not color tent tops in colored designs
-PartyCAD was checking for updates daily if an error log was present. Fixed

4/26/13 - Revision 12.2.204 - 205
- Added debugging code in pursuit of type mismatch error in VR AddPiece

4/23/13 - Revision 12.2.203
- Render/Draw views with white backgrounds sometimes  had color registration problems. Fixed
- in the Page Editor, pressing the Del key with no part selected caused problems. This is no longer allowed.

4/18/13 - Revision 12.2.202
- In the Page Editor, clicking Manage Pages formerly caused all thumbnails of the pages in the project to be updated before the Page Manager menu appeared. This caused a lot of activity and for one user caused a looping problem. Now only the thumb of the currently page is updated when you click Manage Pages. This is much faster and more reliable.

4/14/13 - Revision 12.2.197
- New master CD

4/11/13 - Revision 12.2.196
- If the Open Projects folder could not be created the program failed. The error is caused by some unknown permissions error but it now trapped and advice given.

4/7/13 - Revision 12.2.191 - 195
- Further refinement of form hiding logic
- Tweaks to improve display on large font screens
- Rearrange development files
- Create new base version

4/1/13 - Revision 12.2.186 - 190
- After an error hidden forms were no longer hidden. Fixed
- Added logic in Start Menu/ Options/ Advanced Options to allow manual adjustment of hidden forms locations.
- Adjusted message and input boxes to display well on systems with font scaling of 125% and 150% such as the Surface Pro

3/27/13 - Revision 12.2.185
- In Page Editor, deleting certain kinds of views caused problems when PDFs were created. Fixed.
- In Main Menu, added Options/Advanced Option/Debug Form Hiding checkbox to investigate form hiding problems on some user machines.

3/26/13 - Revision 12.2.184
- Attempting to preview a very complex piece in the Design Editor could cause PartyCAD to fail. Fixed.
- View From button in Design Editor is now always visible.
- On Windows 7 & 8 machines with large screens, Windows attempt to do automatic display scaling. This cause some undesirable side effects in PartyCAD and so this option is now disabled by default. To turn it back on:
      In Windows, navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\PartyCAD12
      Right-click PartyCAD12.exe and click Properties
      Click the Compatibility tab
      Uncheck the Disable display scaling on high DPI settings checkbox

3/18/13 - Revision 12.2.183
- With multi-page projects, sometimes art failed to refresh if the design was changed. Fixed.

3/4/13 - Revision 12.2.182
- If there were more than 500 billboards of any given type, the program failed. Fixed.
- If a page contained no views, just a design, views formerly on the page continued to be updated when the design was changed. This was an unnecessary step, and by skipping it, the Return from the Design Editor to the Page Editor is much speedier, especially with large designs.
- Changed development system so that error trapping is on outside the environment. This does not affect users.  

3/2/13 - Revision 12.2.181
- “UNKNOWN” pieces are now omitted from views.

3/1/13 - Revision 12.2.180
- Lot lines are no longer shown in the design or views if you load a tent whose size matches the size of the lot. This new behavior results in cleaner looking views, but can be overridden though use of Options in the Design Editor. (Improved from 12.2.177)

2/27/13 - Revision 12.2.179
- In the Layout Editor, added a new command… clicking File/ Edit Design (Remove Groups) to open the Design Editor but remove any piece grouping data. This is handy if the grouping data has somehow become corrupt.

2/19/13 - Revision 12.2.178
- Updated phone number and email address for Hufnagel Software in PartyCAD 12.

2/14/13 - Revision 12.2.177
- In the making a simple plan menu, checkboxes are used to select if the standard form, views and a scale are desired in the initially created project page. The program has been modified so that the menu shows a page preview based on the options you select. Also, the options you select will now be remembered the next time you create a simple plan.
- In the Design Edit, in the Edit Plan menu, clicking to change the width of the plan and then pressing the enter key did not then automatically allow you to change the depth of the plan. Fixed.
- Lot lines are no longer shown in the design or views if you load a tent whose size matches the size of the lot. This new behavior results in cleaner looking views, but can be overridden though use of Options in the Design Editor.

2/2/13 - Revision 12.2.175 & 176
- Allowed for demo extensions for ARA 2013
- Reduced the usage info uploaded on an update

1/23/13 - Revision 12.2.172
- When making a template from a project, if the project name contained invalid characters for a template name, the program’s response was confusing. Fixed.

1/21/13 - Revision 12.2.169
- Made adjustments to accommodate newer versions of TeamViewer. The program will now be downloaded from our website with every use to insure the latest version is being run. Also, pressing Ctrl-T in any of the major modules of PartyCAD will now start TeamViewer.

11/16/12 - Revision 12.2.168
- Allow trial versions to continue until 11/27/2012 to simplify support during Hank’s Thanksgiving vacation.

10/16/12 - Revision 12.2.167
- If the PartyCAD catalog of furniture was removed, the program crashed with a ‘File not Found’ error. Fixed. The program now reports the problem and asks that you reinstall.

10/11/12 - Revision 12.2.163
- In the Start Menu, right-clicking a project name in the Recent Projects list and selecting Properties caused the program to fail if the project file was missing. The appropriate message is now given.
- Added file size to properties listed when Properties is clicked.
- Consolidate zipping logic in the Start Menu.

9/20/12 - Revision 12.2.162
- In some rare circumstances PartyCAD has trouble removing no longer needed files when you close a project. This may result in the program reporting that a project is already open even though it is not. You are now given an opportunity to open a copy of the project whenever this occurs.

8/6/12 - Revision 12.2.160 & 161
- In Design Editor, enhanced error trapping logic checking for possibly corrupt files in Album Select.
- A corrupt settings file in Album Select could cause PartyCAD to fail. Fixed.

8/5/12 - Revision 12.2.159
- Allow trial versions to continue until 8/28/2012 to simplify support during Hank’s summer vacation.

7/31/12 - Revision 12.2.158
- If the Start Menu window was somehow manually moved so it did not show on the screen, it would remain off screen when PartyCAD was next run. Fixed.
- Use of the Roman font caused PartyCAD to crash when producing a PDF of the page due to problems accessing properties of the font. Such font problems are now trapped and reported.
- In the Design Editor, in rare cases, corrupt grouping information within a design caused a division by zero error when the related design was being loaded. Fixed.

6/25/12 - Revision 12.2.156 & 157
- Improved diagnostics for machines where DirectX is not functioning
-Allowed Tent Wizard to run even if DirectX is failing.

6/22/12 - Revision 12.2.155
- File names ending with a space caused PartyCAD to give problems. Fixed.

6/15/12 - Revision 12.2.154
-in Page Editor, if a page imported from an earlier version does not contain a design, when you click Edit Design you are now given the opportunity to load a design if one exists within the project.

6/9/12 - Revision 12.2.153
-in Page Editor, if a text item is defective, it is not drawn and no error is thrown.  

6/1/12 - Revision 12.2.152
-Added further debugging code to isolate problems with drawing the page in the Page Editor

5/30/12 - Revision 12.2.151
-Added warning if an attempt is made to print a very small page
-Added debugging code to isolate problems with drawing the page in the Page Editor

4/26/12 - Revision 12.2.150
-In the Page Editor, added a File/Save as PDF option to allow you to save a PDF file of your page directly (ie without having to first open a PDF reader)

4/26/12 - Revision 12.2.149
-In the Page Editor, added a File/Preferences/Use Alternate PDF Viewer Program option that allows you to select a PDF viewer other than your system default viewer.

4/25/12 - Revision 12.2.148
-Fixed an Access Denied error that sometimes occurred when leaving the Tent Wizard on a very fast machine.

4/23/12 - Revision 12.2.140
-Add error trapping code to Tent Wizard/Furnish pass back logic.

4/4/12 - Revision 12.2.139
-A corrupt history file might cause PartyCAD to fail when you clicked ‘Load Picture from File’ in the picture import menu. Fixed.

3/22/12 - Revision 12.2.138
-If a form other than the last was deleted, the program became confused about how to handle the remaining forms. Fixed.
-In some circumstances, if DirectX was not working on a particular computer, the program would loop on the error message whenever the tent wizard was started. Fixed.

2/11/12 - Revision 12.2.137
Update Test

2/11/12 - Revision 12.2.136
First Update to new major build

2/11/12 - Revision 12.2.135
New Major Build

2/10/12 - Revision 12.2.134
This build incorporates a number of small changes made as a result of demoing the software at the ARA show in New Orleans:
-Added an option to picture import’s Crop, Cut, Edit menu to allow for the free rotation of imported art.
-When filling with some stage or dance floor pieces to create a large stage or dance floor, the current size of the item was only partially displayed at the lower-right of the Fill screen . Fixed.
- If you double-clicked a .BAK file (created with an earlier version of PartyCAD) external to PartyCAD 12, the program did not recognize that it was to import this. Fixed.
-Auto-checking for updates was not fully turned off if from the Start Menu you clicked Options/Auto-check for Updates/ Never. Fixed.
- Saved movies sometimes did not load correctly when you clicked File/ Make Movie in the Page Editor. Fixed. You now load such movies by clicking Load after the movie making screen appears.

2/1/12 - Revision 12.2.133
-Under some circumstances the program’s memory of where to place the menus on the screen became corrupted and PartyCAD would start but not be visible. Fixed.
- Pressing the N key in the Page Editor should step you through all the parts on the page. This is useful if you are having trouble selecting a part. However, if a text part had inappropriate scaling data, PartyCAD failed when you used the N key. Fixed.
-A ZLocs.txt file is now written to Global Data to assist if finding program data locations during debugging.

1/26/12 - Revision 12.2.132
-A corrupt info file could cause PartyCAD to fail at startup. Fixed.

1/11/12 - Revision 12.2.131
-In the View Editor, maximized textures were sometimes misapplied to horizontal surfaces. Fixed

12/8/11 - Revision 12.2.130
-To accommodate odd sized tent units, if you name a piece FAKETENT in the design module, you will then be able to flatten it in 3D views by clicking the 2D button in the View Editor. Use of the other tent top buttons in the View Editor will have no effect on the displayed view.

11/30/11 - Revision 12.2.129
-When printing: In some cases if you had a ‘picture as plan’ style project and you painted your design, the paint did not appear in the resulting PDF. Fixed

11/8/11 - Revision 12.2.128
-If PartyCAD’s configuration files became corrupt, the program would not perform well until the files were regenerated via a manual Reset.  This behavior has been modified. Now if at start time it is obvious that one of the configuration files is corrupt, the program generates a new version automatically.

11/3/11 - Revision 12.2.127
-New Feature: The spelling of the word ‘Meter’ in drawn scales can be changed to ‘Metre’ by getting to the Start Menu and clicking Options/ Units of Measure/ Spell itMetre

11/1/11 - Revision 12.2.126
-New trial initial update

11/1/11 - Revision 12.2.125
-New trial version uploaded to website

10/26/11 - Revision 12.2.121
-Improved handling of PDF when there is not an accessible PDF reader program on the computer.
-New Feature: Pressing the F12 key in the Start Menu, Page Editor, Design Editor, View Editor or the 3D Plan Editor will now start Teamviewer for online problem diagnosis. This is to be used only while on the phone with Hufnagel Software tech support.

10/13/11 - Revision 12.2.120
-Improved the error message that appears if an attempt to load a picture file fails.

10/7/11 - Revision 12.2.119
-In the View Editor, under some conditions when color was applied to a camera style line drawing that was imported from a previous version of PartyCAD, the operation did not give a satisfactory result. Fixed

9/30/11 - Revision 12.2.118
-In the Page Editor, added a new item:  File/ Preferences /Show Solid Tents in Colored Designs. If you click to checkmark this item, any colored versions of your design which contain tents will show the tents with solid rather than wire tops. This is most useful when creating an arrangement of tents in a Picture as Plan style project. 

9/22/11 - Revision 12.2.117
-When importing a project from a very early version of PartyCAD, certain textures tripped up the process. Fixed

9/16/11 - Revision 12.2.116
-Added Help/ Recently Added Features to the menu bar in the Start Menu.

9/13/11 - Revision 12.2.115
-This build remedies various quirks related to hiding/ re-showing background pictures in Picture as Plan style projects:
    1. When using a picture as a plan, you can hide the background picture by getting to the Design Editor and unchecking Option/ Show Background Picture. The picture can later be restored by checking this same option.
    2. If the background picture is hidden when you return to the Page Editor, the design and any related views will not show the picture. In such cases, you can control if the rectangular plan associated with the picture is included in the design and/or views included on the page by using options available in the Design Editor’s Options menu.
-In the Manage Locations menu, browsing for folders has been improved and the menu is no longer flaky when locations are entered manually.
-In the Make 3D Plan Editor, if you clicked File/Save as Furniture, the name of the 3D room was erroneously changed. Fixed
-If a page had a painted design, occasionally a view might be skipped when the page was printed. Fixed

9/8/11 - Revision 12.2.114
-Starting PartyCAD by clicking a .pcad file caused the Start Menu to momentarily appear on the screen. Fixed

9/8/11 - Revision 12.2.113
-If you colored a design in the Page Editor which contain a tent, and the tent had a floor, the floor was not colored of the resulting plan view. Fixed

9/8/11 - Revision 12.2.112
-Pressing the spacebar while in the Page Editor now causes a page refresh.
-Removed blank messages that occasionally appeared on exiting the Design Editor

9/7/11 - Revision 12.2.111
-Fixed various problems relating to running PartyCAD 12 on dual monitor systems.
-Removed the unneeded ability to maximize or minimize the Make Simple Plan menu.

9/3/11 - Revision 12.2.110
-New feature – When importing pictures, the Crop and Cut button has been changed to Crop, Cut, Edit.  In addition to cropping and cutting, the menu that appears when you click this button now allows you to Rotate the picture and Adjust its brightness.

9/2/11 - Revision 12.2.109
-New features have been added to allow for the easy addition of parts lists or other clipboard text as a label on a page:
1. In the Design Editor, click Price List at the bottom of the column of controls along the right side of the screen. In the List/Price menu that then appears, a Print button has been added. This allows you to print the displayed list to your printer, to a file or to the clipboard.
2. In the Page Editor, you can now click File/ Paste Text as Label to add a label containing whatever text is on the Windows clipboard. In conjunction with 1 above, this makes it easy to add a parts list to your pages.

8/31/11 - Revision 12.2.108
-New features have been added to make it easier to create designs on pictures:
1. Sometimes when working on a ‘Picture as Plan’ type of design in the Design Editor and the picture is dark, it can be quite hard to see the pieces of the design, which are by default drawn in black with a line width of 1. You can now set the pen style of lines in the Design Editor by clicking Options/ Set Pen Style… 
2. When you move a piece about on a picture, a ‘white ghost’ of the former position is often left behind. This is because a redraw of the entire design every time a piece is moved would slow the program. Now, however, you can request a redraw at any time simply by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard.

8/30/11 - Revision 12.2.107
-In the Tent Wizard, if the size or complexity of the tent under construction exceeded program limits, PartyCAD would fail with various errors. Fixed. The program now beeps, displays ‘Unable to create tent’ and allows the user to make revisions to remedy the problem.
-In the Design Editor, if you zoomed again and again… after many zooms the program failed. Fixed

8/29/11 - Revision 12.2.106
-Fixed improper .dll error

8/29/11 - Revision 12.2.105
-In the Design Editor, double-clicking to select an interior piece corrupted ‘undo’ data. Fixed
-In the Design Editor, an Undo that resulted in the selection of a tent would sometimes cause the Group Break button to be displayed in error. Fixed
-Modified some debugging code to the Design Editor

8/26/11 - Revision 12.2.104
-Under some circumstances any of the File Load and File Save menus in the program could cause the PartyCAD to lose track of where art files were stored resulting in ‘File not Found’ Errors. Fixed.

8/24/11 - Revision 12.2.103
-If the ‘Keep Text in Front’ option was checked in the Page Editor by clicking File> Preferences, this was ignored at Page Refresh and Page Print time. Fixed.
-If the Parts Order list was corrupted for any reason, this could cause parts to not print. The Parts Order list is now self-repairing… still looking for cause of corruption.
-If you clicked Edit Lines or Set Line Style in the Page Editor with a ‘Color’ style view selected, the program would fail because this type of view is an image and contains no lines. Fixed. The program now just beeps if you attempt such an operation.
-Using the N or B keys in the Page Editor you could select a hidden design. Fixed.

8/17/11 - Revision 12.2.100 – 12.2.102
-Test of build numbers greater than 99

8/17/11 - Revision 12.2.99
-Fixed non-operational Help & Update links in the Start Menu

8/12/11 - Revision 12.2.97 & 12.2.98
Fixed bug in new feature described just below.

8/12/11 - Revision 12.2.96
-New Feature: checkboxes have been added to the Create Simple Plan menu that allow for the creation of simple pages that do not include views or a scale.
-If _Resources folder was missing, program failed. Fixed
-In Make Plan, editing a hinge caused the plan to disappear from the screen temporarily. Fixed.

8/9/11 - Revision 12.2.95
-In ‘Picture as Plan’-style projects, you could not hide the design in the Page Editor. You now can.
-In ‘Picture as Plan’-style projects, if you colored your design in the Page Editor, the design was not colored in any PDFs you created. Fixed.
-New Measure Feature in the Page Editor. To Use:
     1. Hold down the Alt Key
     2. Click the mouse on the starting point.
     3. Move the mouse to the ending point…  the distance moved is reported in the Page Editor’s Title Bar
     4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as required.
     5. Release the Alt Key to stop measuring.

8/8/11 - Revision 12.2.94
-Yet another revision to fix the ‘Save-Quick’ error

8/7/11 - Revision 12.2.93
-Further refined the ‘Save-Quick’ error fix of the previous build
-Added an advanced option that allows you to override the system default PDF Viewer program. From the Start Menu, click Options/ Advanced Options/ Set PDF Program

8/7/11 - Revision 12.2.92
-Very small plan could cause a ‘Save-Quick’ error – fixed.

8/2/11 - Revision 12.2.91
-Refined import logic to be more forgiving about missing files
-Refined debugging code for SaveQuick routine
-Very large plans caused a failure when imported. Fixed

8/1/11 - Revision 12.2.90
-Very large screen size caused an error. Fixed
-Added further debugging code to Design Editor Undo routines.

7/27/11 - Revision 12.2.89
-If you saved a template to the library and then without exiting PartyCAD attempted to create a project using Picture as Plan, the scale setting logic failed and the program crashed. Fixed.
-Clicking the X button on the scale setting screen gave different results than if you instead clicked the Exit button. Fixed

7/26/11 - Revision 12.2.88
-User errors in setting the scale of picture-style plans could result in plans with outlandish scales which caused errors in the View Editor and elsewhere. PartyCAD now guards against the creation of such erroneous plans and displays a warning rather than failing if such a plan is loaded.

7/22/11 - Revision 12.2.87
-Under some circumstances using a curved or wedged fill in the Design Editor could cause the program to misbehave and occasionally hang. Fixed.

7/15/11 - Revision 12.2.85 and 11.0.86
-New base online version

7/12/11 - Revision 12.2.80
-Attempting to import a project containing more than 600 data files caused PartyCAD to fail. Fixed. The limit is now 1000 files.
-Add progress related info that gives some idea of how a large import is progressing.

7/7/11 - Revision 12.2.79
-Added debugging code to pursue various uncommon problems.

7/6/11 - Revision 12.2.78
-Added File/ Import Old Projects to Start Menu, which allows for the importation of projects from early versions of PartyCAD. Projects from versions 7 or later can usually be imported using the standard import mechanism.

7/5/11 - Revision 12.2.77
-Fixed various small glitches in Page Editor related to the display and manipulation of background pictures.

7/1/11 - Revision 12.2.76
-Switched to tuned Hermite filtering when displaying images in the Page Editor and Design Editor to enhance crispness of large, detailed background pictures

7/1/11 - Revision 12.2.75
-Added debugging code to DE-Undo and DE-DupObjectPrep

6/29/11 - Revision 12.2.74
-Added debugging code to DE-planpicup and CheckSN

6/29/11 - Revision 12.2.73
-Improved clarity of background pictures in the page and design editors. This is most noticeable when using very large and highly detailed plan images.

6/29/11 - Revision 12.2.72
-Cancel of Load Design call in the Design Editor could cause an invalid op the next time a piece was loaded. Fixed

6/27/11 - Revision 12.2.71
-Missing or damaged background picture caused the program to fail with a file missing or overflow error during view creation. Fixed. PartyCAD now beeps and does not attempt to load such art.

6/27/11 - Revision 12.2.70
-Further tweaked tent wizard to deal with machines without DirectX.

6/27/11 - Revision 12.2.69
-Additional buttons raft appeared in middle of Design Editor window after an edit if the Show More Buttons options was turned off. Fixed

6/24/11 - Revision 12.2.68
-Added code to trace errors in Undo and View modules

6/23/11 - Revision 12.2.67
-Added code to trace BlankAndSaveIcon error

6/15/11 - Revision 12.2.66
-Made further adjustments to avoid save of watermark problems where the file is locked.
-Changed the Update is Available message to include the build numbers of your current version and the version you will be updating to.

6/15/11 - Revision 12.2.65
-On some systems a file access error occurred when starting the demo version of the program. Fixed
-On some systems a file access error occurred when attempting to save a new watermark. Fixed
-If you modify a project and then attempt to save it but in the meantime someone else (on a different machine) has changed the project, PartyCAD asks if you want to overwrite the unexpectedly changed file. If you answer ‘No’ to this question and are exiting the program, PartyCAD will create a recovery file of your unsaved work the next time it is run. This protects your work from being lost. The message relating to this eventuality was modified.
-Improved error reporting in Page Editor

6/14/11 - Revision 12.2.64
-Selecting custom furniture in the Furniture Album when no custom furniture was present would cause an error. Fixed

5/31/11 - Revision 12.2.63
-Changed tent listbox in the Tent Wizard to 2 columns instead of 3 to accommodate long tent names.
-Fixed short field problem in Resize/Insert box
-If the Start Menu was dragged up on the screen and a new project was created, the Page Editor and other major menus would move up on the screen, hiding the menu bar and making the menu difficult to use/exit. Fixed.

5/24/11 - Revision 12.2.62
Added code to assist on machines without DirectX:
-Test for functioning DirectX at startup and report if not working
-Add Start > Options > Advanced > Test DirectX
-Allowed tent wizard to run without graphics if DirectX not available
-Now fail more gracefully in other locations where DirectX is required

5/23/11 - Revision 12.2.61
-Refined download of tents

5/23/11 - Revision 12.2.60
-Program now remembers and defaults to last location when importing art.
-Changed the method by which additional tents and furniture are downloaded from the internet.
-Added Start Menu > Options > Advanced Options > Import 3D DXF Model
-Revised Piece Editor to improve mesh creation for tent tops (undocumented feature)
-Added DE > File > Save Tent to Library logic (undocumented feature)

5/20/11 - Revision 12.2.59
-In the Start Menu, added Options > Download New Furniture and Tents’ which implements the downloading of additional PartyCAD furniture and tents from the internet.
-Tweaked Design Editor > Options > Show Simple Plans on Pages to default to not showing the plan initially on Pictures as Plans projects.
-Tweaked transfer to Manage Pages and Forms to handle Save question more intuitively.

5/19/11 - Revision 12.2.58
-Fixed Design Editor > Options > Show Simple Plans on Pages to work correctly if unchecked.
-Fixed import of old projects with SMG references. Eliminated all messages relating to SMG file, instead PCAD12 creates such files automatically.
-Fixed references to unavailable .arr files in the View Editor to now be self-repairing.

5/17/11 - Revision 12.2.56
-An inappropriate file stored in the forms folder by a user caused errors when forms were accessed from within the program. Fixed
-An empty Text part in the Page Editor caused the program to fail when creating a PDF. Fixed
-In rare cases, the border of the page was shifted up on the page. Fixed

5/16/11 - Revision 12.2.55
-Help in Print Options menu was not working – fixed
-Added debugging code to VR-AddPiece and LoadForm-Load routines

5/16/11 - Revision 12.2.54
-Help video button in Forms menu was not working – fixed
-Annotation line was misplaced if the annotation was long – fixed
-Non-rotating text was shifted to the right on PDF output – fixed
-At times, red selection box on rotatable text was very tiny in the Page Editor - fixed

5/13/11 - Revision 12.2.53
-Changed ‘Make Fancy Thumbnail’ in Save as Piece menu to ‘Make 3D Thumbnail.’ If this is checked, the program behaves as before, but if uncheck the thumbnail for the piece will be the icon of the piece. This gives better thumbnails for 2D pieces and arrangements saved as furniture so they can be imported into a different project.
-Revised Piece Editor to further optimize the models produced when you save.
-Fixed small glitches and changed some messages involved in the piece creation process.
-Fixed subscript out of range when saving a very large plan in the Plan Editor
-Fixed wrong size menu when setting a New location in the Plan Editor

5/11/11 - Revision 12.2.52
-Tweaked new More Buttons code in build 51 to improve buttons display with large fonts.
-Fixed small problems with Save as Piece in the Design Editor
-Linked another video in the Furniture Album to its modern location

5/11/11 - Revision 12.2.51
-Added Show More Buttons to Options section of Design Editor. If checked, view, SaveAS1 and Edit Piece buttons are added to the bottom of the Design Editor screen similar to the way it was in PartyCAD 11
-Changed Guide Picture setup logic to make use of the Import menu, thus giving the ability to lighten and crop the image prior to use and allowing the program to automatically generate a ‘right’ sized guide picture.
-Linked a few more videos referred to in the Furniture Album to their modern versions on the internet.

5/9/11 - Revision 12.2.50
-Added debugging code to VE-ZoomCancel
-Added Dance Floors and Stages Video
-Gracefully handle attempted import of an invalid or corrupt image file.
-Added an  option to allow a non-standard location to be selected for the import of data from an earlier version

5/8/11 - Revision 12.2.49
-Art saved in a project could not be found by the VR module if the name of the project changed causing the program to error out. Fixed

5/7/11 - Revision 12.2.48
-Added Brighten and Darken to Option in Menu Bar of Crop menu

5/6/11 - Revision 12.2.47
-Made many small changes to Import from PartyCAD 11 logic to accommodate Grandchamp data.

5/5/11 - Revision 12.2.46
-In Price & List, Help buttons were not working. Fixed
-In the Furniture Album and Party Gallery, the Help references were not implements. They now are.

5/4/11 - Revision 12.2.45
-In the 3D Plan Editor, Hide Picture was disabled on entry even though a background picture was shown. Fixed
-In the 3D Plan Editor, during selection of drawing start and end points, a pan or zoom caused the available points to be erased from the screen. Fixed
-In the 3D Plan Editor, sometimes a zoom box was filled with red or some other color. Fixed
-In the 3D Plan Editor, an automatic wall, window or door could, by bad luck, cause a room to be completed when that was not the user’s intention. Fixed

5/3/11 - Revision 12.2.43
-Fixed use of background pictures in Make Plan
-invalidated serial # 111xxx and added code to guard against invalid serial numbers
-Added Add Landscape to View Editor options.
-Further refined small design fix in build 11.0.42

5/1/11 - Revision 12.2.42
-Show Label check/uncheck in View Editor was not showing the effect immediately. Fixed.
-In the Tent Wizard, with a Tentnology tent selected, the Assembly panel was disorderly. Fixed.
-A very small design might cause the program to fail when creating a new view. Fixed.

4/29/11 - Revision 12.2.41
-Added dimension lines to the Page Editor’s Draw/ Create Figure menu.
-Allowed a right-click on the arrowhead button in the Page Editor’s Draw menu to set the arrowhead size.
-Input past end of file error could occur when importing Test library data. Fixed

4/29/11 - Revision 12.2.40
-Modified the Page Editor so you can now drag on the pair of little triangles that indicate a value can be dynamically changed in addition to dragging on the actual value box to the left of the triangles.
-In some cases clicking Show Popular Furniture in the Furniture Album caused an error. Fixed.
-Setting the move amount in the Move section of the Design Editor caused the type of move to be set to 1” instead of defaulting to the ‘U’ setting. Fixed.
-added debugging code to a number of routines

4/28/11 - Revision 12.2.39
-Made changes so the program fails more gracefully if DirectX is not available/ not working on a particular machine.

4/22/11 - Revision 12.2.38
-Added a Cut option to the Import Art menu to allow for the removal of unwanted text in simple situations.

4/22/11 - Revision 12.2.37
-Designs with a very large number of parts caused List & Report to fail with an overflow error. Fixed.
-Added Export Furniture List to the Design Editor’s File menu bar item. This command exports a list of the furniture in your design to a .lis file located in a folder of your choice.
-Added the ability to use a plan-style picture as a guide while constructing a 3D floorplan. This is still a bit flakey if you need to go back and edit the plan at a later date, but persevere and it does work.

4/21/11 - Revision 12.2.36
-Link to Help Videos in Help in Start Menu’s menu bar referenced an old, dead location. Fixed.
-Changed My Docs to My Projects in the Locations menu so that this now matches the text in the Start Menu.
-Inaccessible items in Start menu Recent list are now removed automatically after an access attempt.

4/20/11 - Revision 12.2.35
-Added Recent Changes to Help in the Start Menu’s menu bar

4/20/11 - Revision 12.2.34
-Attempting to load a tent into a Picture as Plan project caused an error – Fixed
-Double-clicking Preview in the Design Editor caused an error - Fixed