PartyCAD 11 Videos *
Quick Start 11 Selected Topics  

Introducing PartyCAD
An overview of PartyCAD in which a tent party is created. (13 min)

A Ballroom Event
Making floor plans and venue events. (14 min)

Modifying a Party
On modifying saved events, expanding lot sizes, and building multiple tent designs. Also, how to backup and remove unwanted projects. (8 min)

A Piano Recital
Demonstrates just how quickly an existing Party Wizard venue design can be modified to create a new event. (5 min)

New in Version 11
Learn about the new VR module, layer commands, and how to make web pages and videos of your designs. (12 min)

PDF Magic
New ways to create and work with PDF files in PartyCAD. (4 min)

Pictures as Plans
How to add pictures of floor plans to PartyCAD projects. (5 min)

Go Steelers!
How to add a PartyCAD 11 rendering to a photo. (9 min)

Modular Tents
How to piece together complex tents with PartyCAD (7 min)