Giulio Barbieri Tents




PartyCAD 10.0.22 Required!

   You can download these tents from Italian manufacture Giulio Barbieri for use with PartyCAD's Tent Wizard if you have PartyCAD 10.0.22 or later. To find your version of PartyCAD, run the program and then click About. If you have Version 10 Build 22 or later, you can download and use these tents.

   If you have an earlier build of Version 10, you can update to the latest build here.

   If you have PartyCAD 9 or earlier, you will have to upgrade to version 10 or later to make use of these tents. To read the PartyCAD 10 newsletter and find out how to upgrade click here.


Downloading the Tents

Once you have PartyCAD 10.0.22 or later on your machine, stop the program if it is running and then download the Anchor Modules by clicking:

Download Giulio Barbieri Tents Now


This will place the needed files on your machine. The next time you start the Tent Wizard you will see a Giulio Barbieri category has been added to the Tent Wizard Library screen. Click this to access your new tents.


Using the Tents

Click here to see a short video that explains how to use the Barbieri tents work in much the same way.








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