Updating Your PartyCAD 10

  Modified 2/25/2009

              How to Update Your PartyCAD to Version 10.1.71

If PartyCAD 10 is installed on your computer, you can update to the latest version and build here. Here's how to update PartyCAD 10:


      Minimize this screen, run PartyCAD and click About. Note the version
          number. It will be something like this PartyCAD 10.1 Build 4. You must

          have at least PartyCAD 10.0 Build 0 to update your software using the

          procedures below.

       Stop PartyCAD. You cannot update with PartyCAD running.


     A  If you have any build of PartyCAD 10.1, it's easy to update to the latest

         build. Just click:

                                 Update PartyCAD10.1 to the Latest Build 

                        then click Open or Run when the download starts and

                    then work your way through the steps of the updater.

B  If you have any build of PartyCAD 10.0, an 8MB file must be downloaded

         to update your base files before the updater above will work. To start

         this download, click:

                              Update Version 10.0 to Version 10.1 
then click Open or Run when the download starts and

                     then work your way through the steps of the updater

 Once your base files have been are updated, update PartyCAD to the

         latest build by clicking the links at A above.


Updating your software will apply the following changes: 

2/25/09 - Revision 10.1.71
- Tweaked DXF Import to allow for bigger files.

1/21/09 - Revision 10.1.70
- PartyCAD was not finding the Help Videos on the PartyCAD CD. Fixed

12/11/08 - Revision 10.1.69
- Added debugging code to image manager code
- Allow PartyCAD10 to work with PartyCAD11 serial numbers

12/10/08 - Revision 10.1.68
- Art would cover text at times in Layout Page. Fixed
- Saving a page via the Save Button in manual projects caused PartyCAD to stall. Fixed

11/21/08 - Revision 10.1.67
- Improved PartyCAD performance when a page is saved by a different name in Layout Page
- Projects containing a PartyCAD generated \COPYX\ folder can now be deleted in the Project Manager
- Sales Tax and Deposit amounts are now handled correctly in printed reports
- Handling of background pictures and drawn landscapes have been improved
- Only a part of drawings in Layout Page would appear under some conditions - fixed.

10/23/08 - Revision 10.1.66
- Adjusted Picture Show and Virtual Reality to correctly handle unanticipated screen repaints

10/13/08 - Revision 10.1.64
- Vista tweaks

8/27/08 - Revision 10.1.59
- If a system did not have a C drive, PartyCAD and the PartyCAD update program failed. Fixed

8/22/08 - Revision 10.1.56
- In some rare circumstances, grouping data may become corrupted in the Furnish module. The solution is to click Options/ Break All Groups, which removes all grouping data without damaging your design. There was a bug, however, where if you had groups of tents in your design, Break All Groups would fail with an error. This has been fixed.

8/7/08 - Revision 10.1.55
- If you happened to save an arrangement under one of the names PartyCAD uses for storing data in its standard furniture libraries, furniture from that library could no longer be loaded in the current project. Fixed.

7/4/08 - Revision 10.1.54
Support for PDFs of large pages
In Layout Page you can select the size of a page in two ways:
     by clicking New when you start the Layout Page module, or
     by loading an existing page and clicking Options/ Reorient Page.

In the menu that then appears, you can set a size based on the capabilities of your default printer, or you can click the Custom Size radio button and enter any size you wish. If a custom size is larger than your printer can handle, only part of the page will be print, but you can save such a page to a PDF file by clicking File/ Save as PDF, and then view and print the resulting page with PDF software such as Adobe Reader. Typically these programs have many more printing options than does PartyCAD. The only bit of oddness with this process is that the page border will not show, but if you want a border around your page, you can add one manually by using the Create Drawn Part button at the top left of the Layout Page screen.

In the past, such oversized PDFs were not properly handled by PartyCAD, but that problem has been addressed in build 10.1.54.

6/3/08 - Revision 10.1.53
- A few users have reported that their views saved in the VR module were not correct, either showing just a part of the desired image or nothing at all except their desktop. Fixed. PartyCAD now extracts views in a way that is, hopefully, not prone to such glitches.

5/16/08 - Revision 10.1.52
- Line drawings with more than 32k lines sometimes caused PartyCAD to crash. Fixed.

5/8/08 - Revision 10.1.51
- While in Layout Page, clicking the virtual reality picture causes you to transfer to the VR module, where you can make modifications. However, If while in VR you created a movie, PartyCAD became confused and often failed after you clicked the Return button to return to the Layout Page module. This behavior has been fixed by no longer allowing movies to be created when you arrive at the VR module from Layout Page. To create VR movies, click on the camcorder icon in the Main Menu.
- A hint: The Party Wizard automatically creates a project Picture Show for you, but since this is already set up for you, you are not automatically placed in Edit mode when you click the Picture Show icon on the Main Menu and enter the Picture Show module. This behavior may make it seem as though you cannot edit these wizard related Picture Shows. Not so. Once you are in Picture Show, click Edit in the menu bar to enter Edit mode, where you can add or delete art and movies to the show. When you are done with your editing, click Run in the menu bar to run your show.

5/5/08 - Revision 10.1.50
- In the Party Wizard, if the name of your project contained a period, virtual reality art was missing from the generated party. Fixed. Periods are now replaced by underscores in the folder name for such projects, but the project name may still contain periods.

4/10/08 - Revision 10.1.49
- In Furnish, certain saved arrangement with many groups would not reload. Fixed.
- In some cases, the VR module would fail when started from the Furnish module after a tent had been modified with the Tent Wizard. Fixed.
- When working with complex tents, the Furnish module would appear to freeze when returning from the Tent Wizard or when the tent was selected. In fact the program was not frozen, there was just a lot of behind the scenes work to do. PartyCAD now shows an hourglass cursor while such work is in progress.

3/4/08 - Revision 10.1.48
-While in Draw within the Furnish module, if you clicked the Zoom button but then changed your mind and clicked Cancel, not only was the zoom canceled but drawing mode as well, causing a return to the main Furnish screen and the loss of any lines you had drawn. Fixed. Canceling in Zoom within Draw now cancels just the zoom and returns you to drawing mode.

2/27/08 - Revision 10.1.47
If after setting up a background picture, the picture was removed, the VR module would fail attempting to load the now non-existent picture. Fixed. The program now gives an error message and continues with a blank background.

2/17/08 - Revision 10.1.45
A result of our attending the ARA convention in Las Vegas, this build fixes some minor problems and adds a few new features to PartyCAD 10:
- When setting the scale of a background picture in Furnish, a Diagonal option has been added in addition to the old Horizontal and Vertical options. This allows you to specify a non-ordinal distance when setting the scale of a background picture.
- In Furnish, when a group is selected, two new Align buttons appear at the left of the screen. Clicking these will align the members of the group either horizontally or vertically on the current group master piece, that is, the piece drawn with a darker shade of red.
- In View, a new Option called Flatten Plan has been added. Checking this will cause the floor plan associated with an arrangement to be rendered as lines on the floor rather than in 3D. This is useful for creating overall views of events in venues.
- Added a new Venue Base entry to the Party Wizard. This makes it nearly as easy to create a party into ballroom as into a tent. See how here
- Remade the Quick Start videos to demonstrate the "Venue Base" Party Wizard entry and add emphasis to the project management sections. Watch them here
- The Tent Wizard menu has been re-formatted to show completely on Vista machines which have the Aero option turned on.
- In Furnish when doing a fill to create curved rows of chairs, if you switched between the Wedge and Curve options, the resulting chairs would sometimes be rotated the wrong way. Fixed
- In the Project Manager, when clicking Backup Project or Restore Project a menu appeared that allowed you to select Floppy A, Floppy B or Other as the destination or source of the backup file. "Other" is really the only reasonable choice since PartyCAD projects are now too big to fit on a floppy disk, and so the choice is now made for you, thus saving a mouse click and some confusion.

2/8/08 - Revision 10.1.44
- Texture files on inaccessible network drives would cause the VR and Furnish module to crash. Fixed.

12/31/07 - Revision 10.1.42
- In Layout Page, attempting to paint an arrangement containing more than 32,000 lines caused PartyCAD to fail. Fixed

12/12/07 - Revision 10.1.41
- In Furnish, improved the structure of bodies of rotation models generated with the Draw command.

11/24/07 - Revision 10.1.40
- From the Main Menu, clicking Options and checking Annotate All Printouts is supposed to cause all printouts including PDFs to be marked with project, date and time information. This was not being done for PDFs created in the Furnish module by clicking File/ Save as PDF. Fixed

11/24/07 - Revision 10.1.39
- New online demo version of PartyCAD

11/9/07 - Revision 10.1.38
- When printing in Furnish, very occasionally the help screen describing how to fix printer problems would unexpectedly be displayed. Fixed

11/5/07 - Revision 10.1.37
- In Furnish, in the Fill command, the number of items that will be added by the Fill is reported in a "progress area" at the bottom of the panel at the right of the screen. If the item you are filling with contains chairs, a box in this area reports the number of chairs per unit, and below, a calculation of the number of chairs that will be added if you complete the fill is displayed. For instance, if you are filling with a 5RT8C piece (5' round table with 8 chairs) and you have dragged the green fill button to make 5 rows with 4 tables in each row, then the progress area is supposed to report: 20 x [8] = 160, meaning there are 20 pieces in the fill, each piece adding 8 chairs to the arrangement, for a total of 160 chairs if you click OK to complete the fill. The total chairs in the design, including those in the current fill, is reported at the top left of the screen, in the menu bar. These numbers can be very helpful if you are trying to create a design with a specific number of seats, however, there was a bug in PartyCAD's logic for the progress area that has now been fixed. The bug: if you already had chairs in another section of your design when you started a fill of a table with chairs, or just plain chairs, the "chairs per item" box in the progress area was set to the total count of chairs in the design rather than to the number of chairs in the item. The result was ridiculous values for the reported chair count within the Fill command. This has been fixed.

11/1/07 - Revision 10.1.36
- Non critical warnings thrown during project restore operations would terminate the restore operation. Fixed. The restore will now continue under such circumstances.

10/2/07 - Revision 10.1.35
- A corrupt favorites file would cause PartyCAD to crash. Fixed.

9/22/07 - Revision 10.1.34
- Tweaks to protect online demo from misuse.

9/16/07 - Revision 10.1.33
- Demo copies of PartyCAD can now be extended online.

9/7/07 - Revision 10.1.32
- When importing a DXF file with more than 1300 blocks, PartyCAD would fail. Fixed. The limit was raised to 2500 blocks.

7/5/07 - Revision 10.1.31
- In Make Plan, when using the Check Geometry button, clicking Cancel did not always cancel the operation. Fixed
- In Make Plan, when items were deleted from a plan, PartyCAD would sometimes handle the cleanup incorrectly, resulting in doors that were very large and the inability to generate plans with floors and ceilings. Fixed

6/18/07 - Revision 10.1.30
- If a plan containing a background picture was modified directly with the Furnish module, loading a page already containing the plan in Layout Page would sometimes result in a error. Fixed

6/15/07 - Revision 10.1.29
- If the cornerblock text on a page was more than 8 lines long and the related project was added to the Party Wizard, PartyCAD would error out when an attempt was made to create a party based on the event. Fixed. The limit on corner block text lines is now 20 lines, though it is really better practice to add such excess text as a separate part on the page.

6/1/07 - Revision 10.1.28
- Under the Project Manager's Edit/Split Project button, it can take a significant amount of time to prepare a project for splitting, and this may cause a user to erroneously think the program has hung. To address this issue, PartyCAD has been modified to display an hourglass while this preparatory work is being done.

5/30/07 - Revision 10.1.27
- Revision 10.1.18 fixed a problem with clicking the text "Show Pictures" in PartyCAD's Main Menu. Embarrassingly, the revision contained a bug which caused "Show Pictures" to be run if you clicked on any text for the modules listed on the Main Menu. Clicking the picture icons associated with the various modules was the only way to access any but Show Pictures. This problem has been fixed, and all module labels and icons now perform correctly.
- Bodies of rotation can be created using the Draw command within the Furnish module. The first step in doing so is to draw a vertical or horizontal arrow to indicate the axis of rotation. The program checks that the line is horizontal or vertical, and formerly was overly fussy that this be so. With
this revision, the program is a bit more forgiving if you are just slightly off.

5/27/07 - Revision 10.1.26
- The practical limit for plan sizes in PartyCAD is 1/3 of a mile by 1/3 of a mile. Larger plans caused a overflow error in the VR module. This specific problem has been fixed, but results for such large plans are still not optimal.

5/23/07 - Revision 10.1.25
- In Furnish, if you zoomed again and again, eventually PartyCAD would fail with an overflow error. Fixed. PartyCAD now refuses to zoom if the resulting view of the data cannot be displayed.
- In Furnish, Custom Pieces for which there were no thumbnails were not displayed in the list of available furniture. Fixed. A label is now shown for such pieces and this acts as the thumbnail.
- Certain DXF files could not be loaded due to large shift values in the data. Fixed

5/16/07 - Revision 10.1.24
- When drawing plugs in Paint, the 2x and 3x buttons, used to zoom in, failed at times if the image being painted was large. This was a result of the computer running out of graphics memory. PartyCAD now guards against this situation and removes the 2x or 3x buttons without failing if the problem occurs.

5/16/07 - Revision 10.1.23
- If a folder name contained a period and you attempted to save a JPG, BMP, WMF or PDF file to that folder via PartyCAD's "File/ Save as" commands in Make a Plan, Furnish, View, VR or Layout Page, PartyCAD would not allow the operation, giving a Bad File Name error. Fixed. Periods in folder names are now allowed in such situations.

5/12/07 - Revision 10.1.22
- Improved handling of corrupt pieces in the Furnish module.

5/9/07 - Revision 10.1.21
- Views with very large numbers of paint patches could cause Paint in Layout Page to fail with an overflow error. Fixed

5/8/07 - Revision 10.1.20
- When using background pictures, the program advised that you limit picture names to 10 letters. In some circumstances 10 letters is still too long, and so the limit has now been lowered to 9 letters.
- On dual monitor systems with large monitors, PartyCAD would fail when starting Make a Plan. Fixed

5/3/07 - Revision 10.1.19
- In some screen configurations, the bottom row of buttons in the Furnish and Layout Page modules were partially obscured. Fixed
- Replaced the 100x100Lot Party Wizard entry with a new one that replaces the red box with a person positioned near the upper left corner of the lot. This is a more flexible design. Click here to update your 100x100Lot to the new version.

4/26/07 - Revision 10.1.18
- In the Main Menu, clicking the Picture Show icon took you to Picture Show, however clicking the text "Show Pictures" took you to the old paint module. Fixed. Picture Show can now be accessed by clicking either the text or the icon.

4/24/07 - Revision 10.1.17
- When saving a piece AS1 with a fancy thumbnail, if during the thumbnail setup you closed the window by clicking X instead of clicking the OK button, the piece was saved without a thumbnail and because of this was not shown when the Load Custom Piece button was clicked, though the piece was listed if you clicked File/ Load Custom Piece. Fixed. Clicking X is now treated exactly the same as though you had clicked OK.

4/23/07 - Revision 10.1.16
- In the List and Report module, if you set up Parts Lists for complex pieces, say pipe and drape booths for instance, the part counts generated by the module were correct, but the extension of the price information relating to the parts was mishandled, giving obviously incorrect results. Fixed

4/19/07 - Revision 10.1.15
- In Furnish, the program failed if you tried to save an arrangement with over 400 piece groups. Fixed

4/18/07 - Revision 10.1.14
- Addressed a problem wherein the online update program failed during cleanup after a successful update of the software.

4/17/07 - Revision 10.1.13
- Made further tweaks to accommodate dual monitor systems.

4/17/07 - Revision 10.1.12
- On dual monitor systems with large monitors, PartyCAD would fail at startup with an overflow error. Fixed
- PartyCAD could not be updated online unless it had been run once successfully prior to the update attempt. Fixed. PartyCAD can now be updated immediately after it is installed.

4/16/07 - Revision 10.1.9
- If the Windows Start Bar was positioned at the left or top of the desktop, pictures captured in the VR module and Piece Editor were cropped incorrectly. Fixed

4/13/07 - Revision 10.1.8
- When saving a PDF file, checking or unchecking the Draw Page Border checkbox had no effect on the PDF file generated by PartyCAD. Fixed

4/10/07 - Revision 10.1.7
- If an arrangement name contained a dash, Layout Page forgot how to link the plan's art back to the arrangement and PartyCAD stopped with an error when an attempt was made to paint the plan. Fixed.

4/9/07 - Revision 10.1.6
- Help was not working in Make Plan. Fixed

4/5/07 - Revision 10.1.5
- All help was changed from .hlp to .chm file format in version 10.0.30 to work correctly on Vista machines. However, numerous references to the old .hlp files within PartyCAD were not modified to reflect this change, resulting in missing file errors when Help was clicked. This has been fixed, and all references to help files now access the new .chm versions of these files.

3/31/07 - Revision 10.1.4
- Moved installation of codec for PartyCAD Help Videos to setup program.
- Further improved checking if a previous version is running.

3/30/07 - Revision 10.1.3
- Removed the word XP from the Set Folder Locations menu since it now works with Vista as well.
- Removed the option of choosing a .jpg when using Change Logo on the second Party Wizard screen. Logos must be .bmps or PartyCAD behaves strangely.

3/30/07 - Revision 10.1.2
- It was not possible to set up folder locations, including mapped drives, on Vista machines. Fixed. See here for instructions on mapping drives under Vista.

3/28/07 - Revision 10.1.1
- In the Party Wizard, added code to protect against a missing Project Name when Create Party is clicked.

3/26/07 - PartyCAD works on VISTA machines
We have tested PartyCAD on a machine with the new Microsoft Vista operating system and, with a few tweaks (see below), it worked fine. On the particular machine we tried, there was a pause of nearly 40 seconds after clicking the Install button that is displayed when you insert the PartyCAD CD. However, once the installer did start, the process went smoothly and behaved much as under Windows XP.

When installing PartyCAD on a Vista machine, make sure you have administrative privileges turned on during the install and also when PartyCAD is run for the first time.

Vista related bugs fixed in revision 10.0.29:
-- On some Vista machines, art saved while in Virtual Reality and fancy thumbnails saved by the Piece Editor were saved incorrectly as pure black images. Fixed.
-- On Vista machines, the "wind" noise that plays when PartyCAD starts did not play. Fixed.
-- On Vista machines, the "chimes" noise that plays when the Party Wizard completes the creation of a new party did not play. Fixed

3/26/07 - Revision 10.0.29
-- Attempting to paint a plan with an included background picture caused PartyCAD to fail. It is not currently possible to paint a plan that has an associated background picture, and so the paint button in Layout Page no longer is displayed if such a plan is selected as the current part.

3/21/07 - Revision 10.0.28
-- In the Main Menu, clicking Options/ Annotate all printouts causes information regarding file names and creation dates to be added to all PartyCAD printouts. This same information is now included with any PDF files created when the option is set.
-- If you started a file name with a space, the resulting file could not be read by PartyCAD. Fixed. Any spaces preceding or following a filename are now automatically removed but the program.
-- In the Tent Wizard, it was not possible to make a mid or end shorter than 25". The minimum length has now been reduced to 11".
-- In Furnish, the Save As 1 button's tooltip has been reworded to better reflect the current capabilities of this command.

3/14/07 - Revision 10.0.27
-- In Layout Page, if you loaded a page, made changes and then saved the page under a different name, or if you abandoned such changes by exiting without saving, the line art on the original saved page was incorrectly updated to reflect changes made in the second version of the design. The arrangement and virtual views relating to the original page remained unchanged. Only the line art changed. This mismatch of art was easily fixed by right-clicking the plan on the original page, making a small change in Furnish and then clicking Return, however the bug has been addressed and PartyCAD now hangs onto the original line art for page originals.

3/12/07 - Revision 10.0.26
-- If a plan related to an arrangement goes missing, PartyCAD substitutes a SMG file for the plan and attempts to continue working with the arrangement. Various problems involving SMG files when recording movies and when using PartyCAD Picture Show were addressed with this build.

In general, it is best to get rid of SMG files if you are warned that one is in use. To do this:
1. Run Furnish and make a New plan of appropriate size.
2. Click File/ Load Arrangement to load your arrangement onto the new plan.
3. Resave the arrangement under the same name.
This causes the plan you have just created to be used instead of the SMG file.

3/10/07 - Revision 10.0.25
-- Fixed a bug whereby problems with setting up a background picture caused a fatal error to occur anytime the "Make a Plan to Match a Background Picture" button was clicked while in the project where the problem occurred.

3/9/07 - Revision 10.0.24
-- If a tent that included tent lines was passed to View, where tent lines were hidden and a view saved, the Paint command in Layout Page did not paint the view correctly. Fixed

3/8/07 - Revision 10.0.23
-- Arrangement names containing spaces caused problems when a line drawing was right-clicked in Layout Page. Fixed.
-- Mysterious lines sometimes appeared when coloring frame tents in the View module. Fixed.
-- The ends of frame tents were incorrectly colored in the View module. Fixed, but this error was due to the fact that the tent ends were incorrectly generated by the Tent Wizard. To see the effect of this fix, you will have to load the misbehaving arrangement in Furnish, select the frame tent in question, click the Tent Wizard button and then, when the tent appears, click the "Save as Changed Tent" button to return a clean version of the tent to Furnish. You would then save the arrangement (or click Return) and all will be well with the coloring of the tent.

3/5/07 - Revision 10.0.22
-- Changed the way straight line arcs are drawn to give a segmented straight line rather than just a simple line.
-- Modified the Tent Wizard to support Big Top Tents and made small changes to continue adding mesh creation as an advanced feature to the package.

2/21/07 - Revision 10.0.21
-- Completed changes to the Tent Wizard to support Anchor Module tents.

2/21/07 - Revision 10.0.20
-- When creating dimension lines with Draw in Furnish, you set three points that control the generated dimension line. The first two points clicked indicate the ends of the measured distance and the third controls how far the generated dimension line is to be drawn away from these first two points. If the first two points are not lined up horizontally or vertically, this third point also controls how the distance between them is measured. That is, if you move the third point directly below or above, to the right or to the left of either of the first two points, the dimension lines are drawn along the x or y axis and the distance reported should be the distance between the two points along the indicated axis. However, this was not the case until this build of PartyCAD. Instead, the calculated distance between the two points was always reported, just as you get if the third point is not in line with either of the first two.
     Note: dimension lines in Layout Page are constructed in this same way, but the logic there was correct and so there was no need to change it.
-- Setting the angle between tent lines for manufactured tents had no effect on the 3D models produced by the Tent Wizard. Fixed.
-- Began adding logic to allow drawings in Furnish to be converted to 3D meshes. This code will be useful in creating circular tops for tents in the future but is not currently available to users.

 2/13/07 - Revision 10.0.19
-- Further improved the interface between the Paint and View modules and tweaked painting in View to handle more complex designs.

2/13/07 - Revision 10.0.18
-- When coloring in View, there was no way to stop the process and at times it was difficult to tell if the coloring operation had stalled. Improved-- progress is now reported in the menu bar, and you can click on any control on the screen to terminate coloring prematurely.

2/12/07 - Revision 10.0.17
-- In Furnish, the break group button appeared inappropriately after a Fill. Fixed
-- In Furnish when drawing a Dimension, if you forced the dimension distance by typing in a value and then began a new dimension, the new distance defaulted to the previously forced value instead of being automatically calculated. Fixed. Automatic calculation is now the default option on all new dimension lines.
-- In Layout Page, if you painted a view or plan and then changed the arrangement, the old paint was sometimes applied to the new picture giving unsatisfactory results. Fixed.
-- In Paint, the Edit button was inappropriately displayed while previews were being created. Fixed.

1/29/07 - Revision 10.0.16
-- When Filling in Furnish, if the Curve or Wedge option was selected, dragging on the yellow dot to adjust the curvature of the fill produced erratic results. Fixed.
-- If another instance of PartyCAD is running when the program starts, PartyCAD informs you of this and requests that you click OK to stop the current instance. The idea is that you will then resume using the already running instance. In some cases, however, it seems the program thinks there is another instance running when this is not the case. When this happened, you were forced to reboot your system before you could run PartyCAD again. The cause of this problem is currently unknown, but a Cancel button has been added to the warning dialog box. Clicking this button cancels the warning and allows you to continue with the current instance of the program.

1/28/07 - Revision 10.0.15
-- If you loaded a drawn scale in Layout Page, the Duplicate button would appear and the program would fail if you clicked it. Fixed. The button is no longer visible when a scale is selected. If you want to place multiple scales on a page, add them by repeatedly using the Load Part button.
-- You can save orthogonal drawings in View by clicking Options/ Elevations. Such drawings are not perfectly accurate and should be checked when included as part of a page in Layout Page, however:
1. The accuracy of such drawings has been improved with this build.
2. The Dimension button in Layout page now appears when such drawings are selected.
3. Dimensions for such drawings now default to real world dimensions rather than page dimensions.

1/22/07 - Revision 10.0.14

-- New Feature. The art behind the Main Menu (stunning autumn leaves in Version 10) can now be replaced with anything you like if you have access to a paint program. Just create a 1152x865 image and save it as: C:\PartyCAD\MyBackground.bmp   Images of any size other than the one specified above will be stretched to fill the screen.
-- Tweaked the online update program to make it more reliable.

1/19/07 - Revision 10.0.13
-- Fixed an additional filename passing problem when going from Layout Page to Paint.

1/19/07 - Revision 10.0.12
-- When Painting in Layout Page, names longer than 8 characters were incorrectly passed to the Paint module causing it to fail. Fixed

1/17/07 - Revision 10.0.11
-- In Make Plan, if a new plan was started in a north or south direction, the yellow dot that allows you to easily build a wall level with the starting point was not displayed. Fixed
-- In Furnish, the movement amounts displayed at the upper right of the screen are rounded to whole inches or centimeters. In some cases, a more precise measurement is useful, and so a new feature has been added. Now if you move your mouse over the displayed movement amount, a more precise measurement will be displayed as a tooltip.

1/16/07 - Revision 10.0.10
-- Added an Arrowhead Length box to Draw/ Dimension in the Furnish module.

1/16/07 - Revision 10.0.9
-- The Furniture Gallery could not handle more than 200 pieces of Global furniture. Fixed. The limit has been raised to 1000 pieces.

1/16/07 - Revision 10.0.8
-- In View, clicking File/ Exit did not cause an exit from the View module. Fixed
-- In View, if the view had been colored, clicking File/ Save as Metafile caused a fatal error. Fixed
-- In the Project Manager, attempting to backup the Global Data folder caused a variety of problems. Fixed.

1/15/07 - Revision 10.0.7
-- In the Paint module, if Preview was pressed, and while the preview was being constructed, Save&Exit was clicked, an incomplete or faulty coloring of a plan or view could result. This problem has been addressed by hiding the Save&Exit button while the program is constructing the preview. When the preview is complete, the button reappears.

1/15/07 - Revision 10.0.6
-- If a very large tent had more than 1000 icon lines, the Tent Wizard would fail. Fixed. The limit has been increased to 2000 lines.

1/6/07 - Revision 10.0.5
-- Formerly, if you used edit in Layout Page to remove the borders from a drawing created by the View module, the dimensions of the drawing were adjusted to reflect this change. Because this sort of adjustment confuses the new Paint module, the size of such edited pictures is no longer adjusted and the program treats the borders as though they were there, but invisible.

-- Because the change above may make it difficult to work with certain kinds of art, the View module has been modified to create borderless drawings when a "camera style" view is saved and none of the lines in the drawing touch the picture border. The effect of this is to save you some editing in Layout Page and at the same time allow such pictures to be painted correctly by the Paint module.

-- Pages created in earlier version of PartyCAD may need to be regenerated if you wish to use the Paint to color drawings created by the View module.

To regenerate a page:
1. Right-click on the plan view of your design in Layout Page. This will take you to the Furnish
2. Move any piece of furniture in your design, and then move it back to its former location.
    Pressing the right and then the left arrow key is an easy way to do this. This action marks
    the page for regeneration.
3. Click the big red Return button.

Your art will now be recreated and reappear on the page. The size of some drawings may have to be adjusted, but the Paint module will now handle color views correctly.

1/5/07 - Revision 10.0.4
-- If a rug or other piece was colored black, the Paint module became comfused and would not allow the color to be change in Paint. Fixed

1/4/07 - Revision 10.0.3
-- Fixed problems with accessing Help and the Help Videos from within the Furniture Album and Furniture Catalog

1/2/07 - Revision 10.0.2
-- When setting up a background picture, after setting the scale, the scaled dimensions of the picture were reported as 0 x 0 even though the scale had been set correctly. When used in Furnish, the picture was scaled correctly, so this was just an error in reporting the scale during the setup process. The error has now been fixed.



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