Can I Demo Version 11?


If you already own an older copy of PartyCAD, you can evaluate Version 11 without risk to your old PartyCAD data.


1. Order a demo of PartyCAD 11 (click the link at the right of this screen.)


2. When your demo arrives you will uninstall your older version of PartyCAD. Uninstalling PartyCAD only removes the files that the original installation put on to your hard drive. Any files you have created using the program will remain. This means that your project related data will be unaffected by uninstalling PartyCAD, though it is a good idea to have a backup when making a change such as this.


3. Next you will install the new version into exactly the same folder as the old version was located. Almost everyone uses the default PartyCAD folder, C:\PartyCAD, as the location for the program. If you don't, you will have to know where the older version was installed. This allows the new PartyCAD can find your old data.


4. Now you can use PartyCAD in DEMO mode for up to 30 days. At the end of that time you will have a choice to make:


a. If you decide NOT to buy the update, at the end of the 30 day evaluation period, PartyCAD will revert to the version you previously bought. This is done by disabling major features that have been added since you last bought the package. Other smaller features contained in the latest version will continue to work, and naturally, any bugs fixed in the latest version will continue to be fixed when the program is running in this “Previous Version” mode. You will NOT be uninstalling the new version and reinstalling your older one. Doing so would render all of your work during the evaluation period unreadable --- an older version of PartyCAD cannot usually read files created with a newer one.


b. If you decide to update to Version 11, give us a call at 814-226-5600. We will take your credit card information and get you running immediately over the phone. We also take checks and can extend your demo for an additional 30 days if a sale is in the works.


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