Do You Need More Copies?


   One of the features of PartyCAD is the ability to network the program between many computers. This is a very nice, but it does make it tempting to use unlicensed copies of the program on multiple machines at your business. I have found that most customers are willing to buy additional copies of PartyCAD if they understand when it is time to do this. Below are the rules for use of the program and information on getting additional copies when you decide that the time has arrived.


You need buy only one copy of PartyCAD if:


Just one person uses the software at your business. In this case, that person can install PartyCAD on multiple machines for instance, a desktop computer at work, a laptop for visiting customer sites, and a desktop at home for weekend work.


Multiple people use the software on a single machine. Some businesses have a design center, or designated area where all design work is done. This area then has a single computer with PartyCAD installed on it. The key point being, only one person can use the program at a time.


Multiple people use the software through a server that allows only one person to use the package at a time. This is much like the case above, but here the program is loaded onto multiple machines that access PartyCAD data via a server. The server is set to only allow one person at a time to access PartyCAD data.


You need multiple copies of the program if more than one person is or could be making use of the program at any given time. If you have 3 sales people with laptops equipped with PartyCAD, then you need 3 licenses. If you have more that 5 people using the program, the cheapest option is a site license. This allows you to legally use as many copies of the program as you wish at one store site. If you have a multi-store operation and want a license to cover your whole chain, you should give us a call.







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