Online Demo of PartyCAD 11

Updated 1/31/2011


You will find instructions for downloading your demo further down on this page. The PartyCAD demo is a 60 MB file, and is not practical to download unless you have a high-speed connection to the internet.


You can learn how to use PartyCAD 11 by:


Reading the PartyCAD 11 Brochure


Watching the PartyCAD 11 online videos


Reading the 30-page PartyCAD 11 manual

Examining a sample of PartyCAD output


Reading about PartyCAD's Secret


Also available online:


Newsletter announcing PartyCAD 11

Printable PartyCAD 11 Order Form


Downloading the Demo (version 11.0.86)

Click the link below to start the download:

Download the PartyCAD demo now

then click Open or Run when the download starts.

When the download completes, the PartyCAD
 installer will start automatically.



When the installation completes, look for the icon

above on your desktop.

Double-click this to start the program.


Should you wish to uninstall the demo, use Add/ Remove Programs in the Control Panel, and then delete the PartyCAD folder from your C drive.

If you have questions about the demo or
about any aspect of PartyCAD:

Visit the PartyCAD Forum, send us an email, or

Give us a call at (814)226-5600.



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