Wikipedia Polyhedra - a technical discussion of polyhedra with some good links.


Great Stella - a good program for exploring and creating a wide variety of polyhedron models. The fancy version even lets you export models that can be incorporated into a program, such as was done with PolyWobble.

Poly Pro - another program for creating polyhedron models.

Polyedergarten - another interesting polyhedra software site.

Ornamania - another of my polyhedra related programs… this one for creating an infinite variety of skeletal octahedra.

SymmeToy - the author’s own early effort at a program for creating symmetrically decorated polyhedra... old and creaky, but free.


Building Polyhedra - instructions on how to build polyhedron models.

Construction Kits - a wild collection of decorated polyhedra construction kits.

Paper Models - a nice collection of paper polyhedra you can build.


About Hank Hufnagel, the author of PolyWobble. About his adventures with symmetry over the years.

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