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Model Building

If you have not created your own ornament sheet, go to Ready to Print, and select and print one of ornaments shown there. Now proceed as follows:

• Cut the sheet to get 6 squares as in the illustration above

• Prepare each square by folding opposite edges with the picture inside the fold, then fold the other two edges in the same way as above.

• Assemble the finished model by combining the 6 pieces. The white 'ears' always go inside the printed ones. The process will be a puzzle the first time you do it, but you’ll soon figure it out. The last piece is the hardest to do… the ears have to be bent a bit and forced into place.

• Next fold from corner to corner with the picture out. Do the same with the other two corners.

• Pinch on the folds to give the finished piece as at the right above. Crease the folds so the piece keeps its shape.