Updating Your PartyCAD 11

  Modified 2/14/2011

 If you got here by clicking About in PartyCAD,
just click the Update to Build button if you wish to update your software
to the latest build. About can be found at the top of PartyCAD's Main Menu.

If you got here by browsing the PartyCAD web site, please make
sure PartyCAD 11 is not running, then click Update Now.

  Update to Build 87 


Updating your software will apply the following changes: 

2/14/11 - Revision 11.0.87
- Certain revisions to the sidewall definitions in the Tent Wizard could cause the Tent Wizard to hang on startup. Fixed
- Added an option to start TeamViewer in Help in the Main Menu

2/10/11 - Revision 11.0.86
- New Online Demo

1/12/11 - Revision 11.0.85
- Made changes to the PartyCAD CD so that dll and ocx files persist after an uninstall.

1/10/11 - Revision 11.0.84
- When recording WMV videos in the VR module, in some cases the video result showed no movement and just a single frame was displayed. Fixed

12/14/10 - Revision 11.0.83
- A tent with many flags caused PartyCAD to fail. Fixed

11/16/10 - Revision 11.0.82
-Added ability to Restore PartyCAD.NET files as projects in PartyCAD 11.

10/18/10 - Revision 11.0.81
-You can now add your own Picture Base entries to the Party Wizard. To do so:
1. Create a project using the Picture Base entry in the Party Wizard
2. Make any desired adjustments to the page design in Layout Page
3. Save the page and return to the Main Menu
4. Add the project to the Party Wizard in normal fashion, except name it Party Base 2 (or Party Base 3, etc)
5. Exit back to the Main Menu and exit PartyCAD.
The next time you run the program, Party Base 2 will be available for use in the Party Wizard

8/10/10 - Revision 11.0.80
-Arrangements with very high piece counts caused the Price & List module to fail. Fixed.

7/9/10 - Revision 11.0.79
-Added code signing. During installations and updates Windows will now report our programs as being from "Hufnagel Software" rather than giving a "Unknown Publisher" warning.

5/21/10 - Revision 11.0.78
-New Feature: In Layout Page, if a plan's width on the page is set to .5 inches or less (1.3cm,) it will not be printed or included in any PDF of the page. This allows you to retain a plan in a design so you can make modifications (by right-clicking the tiny plan), but not include it in printed or PDF output. Thus you can have modifiable pages which print with pictures but no plan.
-New Feature: If a metric value including M or C is entered when the program is asking for an imperial value, or if an imperial value including ' or " is entered when the program is asking for a metric value, the entered value is now handled correctly.
-If a change was made from imperial to metric or metric to imperial, the change had no immediate effect on the Party Wizard Picture Base logic. Fixed.
-With large pictures or slow machines, a Floor Plan menu appeared during the Party Wizard Picture Base logic. This no longer appears.
-PDF files could not be created if the system had no printer. Fixed.
-Malfunctioning Windows print queues caused PartyCAD to fail. Fixed.

4/30/10 - Revision 11.0.77
-When using Picture Base in the Party Wizard, some very large images caused PartyCAD to fail with an 'Invalid Crop Dimensions' error. Fixed.

4/17/10 - Revision 11.0.76
-In VR, a corrupted tent part could cause the module to fail. Fixed. Such parts are now skipped.
-In Layout Page, saving a page under a new name often caused an incorrect thumbnail for the page to be generated. Fixed.

3/20/10 - Revision 11.0.75
-In the Party Wizard, changing the logo often caused the new logo to be distorted when displayed in Layout Page on both new and existing pages. Fixed

2/24/10 - Revision 11.0.74
-In Furnish/Options, the Remember Piece's Colors command was not working correctly. Fixed.

2/19/10 - Revision 11.0.73
-Logos in Layout Page were disappearing if a page was reloaded. Fixed
-Saving a page under a different name saved the old version of some rendered art. Fixed

2/14/10 - Revision 11.0.72
The following bugs, first noted at the ARA show in Orlando, are fixed in this update:
-Attempting to use a background picture while building a plan for a Party Wizard Venue Base event caused an error. Fixed. The process of setting up the picture is now automated in much the same way as with a Party Wizard Picture Base event.
-Unchecking the Logo box in the Party Wizard did not remove the logo from the resulting event. Fixed.
-A corrupt or missing picture supplied to the Furnish module's "Make a Plan to Match a Background Picture" would cause PartyCAD to fail. Fixed.
-In Layout Page, under the PDF button options, if Add Prices/List option was unchecked, the change did not take effect immediately. Fixed.
-In Layout Page, making a colored floor plan very small caused the program to fail if you attempted to create a PDF of the page. Fixed.
-Under Windows 7, in the Tent Wizard the picture of the tent would sometimes disappear. Fixed.
-Under Windows 7, in Make Plan, the floor plan would sometimes disappear. Fixed.
-Under Windows 7, in Furnish while selecting a texture, the display of textures would sometimes disappear. Fixed.
-Under Windows 7, when using the Party Wizard and the Picture Base style of event, the floor plan would sometimes disappear when setting the scale of the picture. Fixed.

12/4/09 - Revision 11.0.71
-Printing line drawings in the VR module is not allowed. Instead, they should be saved and printed in Layout Page. PartyCAD formerly failed if you attempted to print such drawings, but with this revision a helpful message is given instead.

11/16/09 - Revision 11.0.70
-Unexpectedly large or small coordinate values found during the loading of arrangements in Furnish are now scrubbed to acceptable values, fixing a rare problem with very large plans.

11/2/09 - Revision 11.0.68
-A very short file name sometimes cause the VR module to crash when coming from Furnish. Fixed.
-Code added in Rev 11.0.67 to copy external art into the project was improved.

10/16/09 - Revision 11.0.67
- A number of problems having to do with importing .BMPs onto a page in Layout Page are fixed by this build. If the BMP being added is not in the current project, PartyCAD now makes and uses a copy in the current project. If the page is saved under a different name, such BMP art is no longer duplicated for the copy. The original, in project, art is now used and behaves correctly. Other obscure errors that caused strange text boxes to appear when saving a page to a new name have also been resolved.

9/27/09 - Revision 11.0.65
- In the Tent Wizard, fixed another problem with adding sidewalls to a very large tent.

9/27/09 - Revision 11.0.64
- In Furnish, in a design with thousands of pieces, an attempt to do a Resize Insert caused the module to fail. Fixed.
- In the Tent Wizard, adding sidewalls to a very large tent caused the wizard to fail while the tent was being created. Fixed.

9/26/09 - Revision 11.0.63
- In VR, an arrangement with 2600 chairs caused the module to fail. Fixed. VR now dynamically adjusts for large numbers of chairs. However, using the 10CHAIRS piece instead of individual CHAIRs when doing large seating designs will result in better performance.

9/14/09 - Revision 11.0.62
- In Furnish, when coloring a piece by clicking the color box under the Piece Name, there is a "Set All" check box that controls if the coloring operation is to be applied to all pieces with the same name or just the current piece. This check box formerly retained its value for the current run of the Furnish module but reverted to "checked" when you left the module. This behavior has been changed. The status of the check box is now associated with the project... which is to say, whatever you set it to will be remembered within the current project. This saves a step when you moving back and forth between the Furnish and VR modules to create a color scheme for a particular design.

8/10/09 - Revision 11.0.61
- Changing the logo as per the instructions in the PartyCAD manual did not result in the new logo being used, except in the Party Wizard. Fixed.

8/6/09 - Revision 11.0.60
- Non-Party Wizard logos located in PartyCAD's global data folder were not appearing when a page including them was loaded. Fixed.

5/15/09 - Revision 11.0.58
- Prior to this build, If you added sidewalls to a tent with the Tent Wizards, you still had to turn them on in VR in order to see them. This was causing some confusion, and so this behavior has been changed. Now if you add sidewalls, the next time VR runs, sidewalls will be turned on automatically.

5/15/09 - Revision 11.0.57
- New PDF library was not being used due to key problems. Fixed

5/8/09 - Revision 11.0.56
- Multiples of the same piece but of different sizes sometimes resulted in some not being colored correctly. Fixed
- Very lopsided designs did not color correctly. Fixed.

5/7/09 - Revision 11.0.55
- Improved performance when PartyCAD 11 is emulating an earlier version of the software.

4/27/09 - Revision 11.0.54
- In the Party Wizard, background pictures loaded via the Picture Base wizard are now automatically cropped.

4/23/09 - Revision 11.0.53
- In VR, increased the maximum number of tents in a design from 150 to 450.
- In Layout Page, improved the registration of colors to line drawings.

4/22/09 - Revision 11.0.52
- Made minor changes to enhance security of online demo version of PartyCAD 11.

4/19/09 - Revision 11.0.51
- In the Tent Wizard, made minor changes to support Eureka Oval tents which are available for download at the Additional Online PartyCAD Furniture page.

4/16/09 - Revision 11.0.49
- In VR, plan views that were rendered with lines and saved did not load correctly in Layout Page. Fixed.
- Coloring plans that contain flat trees or people on their perimeter results in a mismatch between the drawn plan and the underlying colored version in Layout Page. The problem has not as yet been fixed, but PartyCAD now senses the condition and suggests a workaround.

4/15/09 - Revision 11.0.48
- In Layout Page, creating a PDF of a page the contained colored drawings caused an error if PartyCAD attempted to use the new PDF library to do so. Fixed.

4/14/09 - Revision 11.0.47
- In Furnish, in the Draw command, enhanced the drawing of simple lines in two ways:
1. The length of the line is now reported at the top of the screen as you drag to create a line.
2. If you hold the Ctrl key as you drag, the line will be constrained to be either a horizontal or vertical line.

4/14/09 - Revision 11.0.46
- The makers of the third-party library used by PartyCAD to produce PDF files have released a new version. Installing this will reduce the size of generated PDF by about 3%, which is not much, but the new library also fixes long standing spacing problems in PDFs on machine set to use large fonts. To install the new library, make sure you have administrative privileges turned on and then click here. After that, update PartyCAD by clicking the Update to Build button above. Note: if the install of the new library fails for any reason, PartyCAD will continue to use the old one.
- Minor large font related display formatting problems in the Main Menu, Layout Page, Furnish and VR modules were fixed.

4/13/09 - Revision 11.0.45
- In Layout Page, added message under Options/ Save or Email PDF to nudge people to use the new Make PDF button instead. This new button is a much more capable way of making / emailing PDFs.

4/10/09 - Revision 11.0.44
- In Layout Page, certain common fonts are no longer embedded in PDFs since they are universally available on Windows XP and Windows Vista. This change reduces the size of PDFs created by Layout Page by about 500 kb. The fonts that are no longer embedded are Arial, Verdana, Courier New and Times New Roman.

4/8/09 - Revision 11.0.43
- In the Tent Wizard, made changes to accommodate creation of new models of Tentnology Tents.
- Added new Tentnology tents to the Tent Wizard  - see here

4/2/09 - Revision 11.0.42
- In VR, improved performance and reliability of the creation of output files
- In VR, increased the maximum number of tents in a design from 50 to 150
- In the Party Wizard, sometimes the default naming of file was faulty. Fixed.
- In Furnish, jumping a piece did not mark the design as changed. Fixed.

3/29/09 - Revision 11.0.41
- In Layout Page, improved coloring of elevation and plan views
- In Layout Page, smoothed deletion and selection of picture base related plans.
- In Furnish, large groups slowed piece selection. Fixed.

3/25/09 - Revision 11.0.40
- In Layout Page, when saving a page to a non-project folder as a PDF, JPG or Bitmap via the File menu, PartyCAD neglected to return focus to the current project at the completion of the operation. Fixed.

3/25/09 - Revision 11.0.39
- In Layout Page, when saving a page under a different name, a space in the new name would in some rare cases cause the page duplicate to be imperfectly created. Fixed.

3/24/09 - Revision 11.0.38
- In Layout Page, very large projects could overrun the capacity of PartyCAD to store needed temporary data. Fixed.
- In Make Plan, topologically incorrect plans could cause the program to fail. Fixed.

3/16/09 - Revision 11.0.37
- In Layout Page, improved the efficiency with which large numbers of lines are stored in PDF files.
- In Layout Page, protect against a corrupt watermark info file.

3/15/09 - Revision 11.0.36
- In Layout Page, greatly decreased the size of PDFs of watermarked pages. Such PDFs are now also produced much more quickly.

3/12/09 - Revision 11.0.35
- In VR, the GoTo View button was removed. Since the View module was replaced by the new VR module in Version 11, it no longer makes sense to have it.
- In Make Web Page, the ad for PartyCAD has been removed from the bottom of generated web pages.
- In VR, added hooks to allow the recording of videos with certain external software.
- In Layout Page, added date format checking to head off problems on French language systems.
- AVI files are no longer saved in backed up projects. These can be huge.

3/11/09 - Revision 11.0.34
- WMV files are no longer saved in backed up projects. These are often very large and can easily be regenerated from the much tinier VRM files they are based upon.
- Arrays in VR were expanded to accommodate larger DXF files.

3/11/09 - Revision 11.0.33
- Occasionally, on entry into Layout Page, PartyCAD would disappear from the screen. Fixed.
- Web pages that contained pictures for plans were incorrectly constructed. Fixed.
- In Furnish, layers 12 and 13 were marked as unselectable. Fixed.
- In Furnish, edited text was always moved to layer 1. Fixed

3/10/09 - Revision 11.0.32
- In Layout Page, clicking the GoTo VR button at the top right of the screen takes you to the VR module where you are allowed to create additional views and movies. If you arrive at VR in this way and create an elevation view, the name of the view will default to SCALE~x. Such views when loaded onto a page will be treated as scaled objects, like a floor plan, and can have dimensions applied to them.
- In VR, elevation views now default to line drawings without color. Coloring of elevations gives inconsistent results and will be addressed in a future build.

3/9/09 - Revision 11.0.31
- In the Tent Wizard, structure information was mistakenly saved for all types of tents. Fixed
- In VR, the default location for saved WMVs has been changed to the desktop.
- On systems where Windows Media Encoder was not installed, PartyCAD asked after every update if you wanted to install it. Fixed. The question is now asked only during the initial install and when you attempt to save a WMV.

3/9/09 - Revision 11.0.30
- In Main Menu Help link was to What's New in Version 10 rather than version 11. Fixed
- In Party Wizard, when selecting a picture to act as a plan in Picture Base, you had to first select the type of image file. Improved. All supported image formats (.bmp, .png, .jpg) are now shown together.
- In Party Wizard, when selecting a picture to act as a plan in Picture Base, the caption of the picture selection menu has been improved to be more meaningful.
- In Party Wizard, when you clicked the Change Logo button, you had to first select the type of image file. Improved. All supported image formats (.bmp, .png, .jpg) are now shown together.
- In Party Wizard, when creating a plan based upon a picture, canceling out of the wizard is now handled more gracefully.
- In Party Wizard, when creating a 3D plan (Venue Base,) canceling out of the wizard is now handled more gracefully.
- In Make Plan, the default ceiling height has been changed to 16 feet (5 meters.)
- In Layout Page, adjustments to the layer order of page art were forgotten if the design was modified. Fixed.
- In Make Web Page, the menu was positioned too far to the right for some machines. Fixed.
- In List & Report, skipped pieces in the Price Catalog caused List & Report to fail. Fixed.
- In List & Report, you can now add up to 3 miscellaneous items to the piece list. This allows items such as delivery charges to be shown in the reports produced by List & Report.
- In VR, a piece colored dark brown would be recognized as a plan or tent and often cause PartyCAD to fail. Fixed.

3/6/09 - Revision 11.0.29
- In Layout Page, a 'File not found' error sometimes occurred when creating a PDF in Layout Page that was to have a price list appended. Fixed.
- Removed automatic updating of VR movies when a design changed. This is no longer needed now that Picture Show has been retired. VR movies are automatically updated as they load in the VR module.

2/26/09 - Revision 11.0.28
- A "could not display non-modal form" error would occasionally occur while the Party Wizard was creating an event that contained a movie. Fixed.

2/25/09 - Revision 11.0.27
- Improved coordinate error recovery

2/25/09 - Revision 11.0.26
- Tweaked DXF Import to allow for bigger files.
- Modified error reporting on failure to coordinate.

2/20/09 - Revision 11.0.25
- Error reports now include the version and build number.

2/18/09 - Revision 11.0.24
Registration of line drawings to color backgrounds on colored views in PDF files of pages was way off. It is much better now though still not quite perfect.

2/18/09 - Revision 11.0.23
Prior to version 10 the coloring of views in the View module was handled via WMF files. WMF stands for Windows Metafile. This was a weak way of doing coloring because such files could not be included in PDF versions of pages produced by Layout Page. With PartyCAD 11 all support for WMF files has been stripped from the program and such files are automatically removed from your pages as they load. Build 23 takes care of a few loose ends regarding WMFs. Most notably, you can no longer load such files via Layout Page's Load Part command. If you have pages that include WMF art created outside of PartyCAD, you can still use this art by converting it to a BMP file. BMPs are fully supported. Call Hank (814 226 5600) if this necessary change makes for problems using your older projects.

2/17/09 - Revision 11.0.22
In Layout Page, added a "Draw Page Border" option to the popup menu that appears if you right-click the Save PDF button.

2/16/09 - Revision 11.0.21
A long-time user of PartyCAD supplied a very old and complex project that turned up the bugs that are addressed below:
- In Layout Page, if there were no view on a page, the program would fail when the page was loaded. Fixed
- In Layout Page, if a needed arrangement was missing, PartyCAD would fail. Fixed
- In Layout Page, seeking to create additional views would sometimes misbehave due to prior work on the page. Fixed
- In Layout Page, plans that were rotated had to be re-rotated each time they were modified. Fixed
- In Layout Page, with very old pages, the first time a plan was modified art related to the plan was not updated. Fixed
- In Layout Page, killing a very old page sometimes caused PartyCAD to crash. Fixed
- In VR, saved movies would not start with a plain background. Fixed.
- In VR, the cursor is now automatically moved out of the way during recording of WMV files.
- in VR, trees are now handled correctly when creating full views.
- In Split/ Edit projects, the presence of \JPG\ files caused PartyCAD to fail. Fixed

2/12/09 - Revision 11.0.20
- In VR, when recording movies to WMV files the cursor was sometimes recorded as part of the movie. Fixed.

2/10/09 - Revision 11.0.19
- In Layout Page, loading pages created with PartyCAD 9 or before which contained painted line drawings caused PartyCAD 11 to fail. Fixed. The paint is now removed from such drawings just as PartyCAD 10 paint is removed. It is a simple matter to recreate the painted view by right-clicking the part and using the VR module's "Render w/ lines" style to re-color the view.

2/8/09 - Revision 11.0.18
- PartyCAD 11's ability to check for online updates caused problems for some non-US users of the program. Also, every time there was a new update, you had to tell your firewall software is was OK for the new version to access the internet. Both problems have been addressed by spinning the update checking out to a separate little program. This program will be missing on CDs prior to Version 11.0.18, but we will be sending new CDs to such users. Also, you can if you like, download the missing program here.

2/7/09 - Revision 11.0.17
- Tent poles created as part of tents generated by older versions of the Tent Wizard were not rendering properly in the VR module. Fixed.
- VR now better remembers changes to the background color if the drawing style or type is changed.
- In VR, the lighting cone was not disappearing when a lighting adjustment was complete. Fixed.

2/5/09 - Revision 11.0.16
- In Layout Page, if you did not save changes on exiting, the thumbnail of the revised page was saved anyway, even though the actual page data was handled correctly. Fixed.
- In VR, if you changed the background color of a picture then changed the style of drawing, the background color would revert to the default color. Fixed. The new background color is now remembered across style changes.
- In VR, changed the function of the magnifying glass buttons in the Adjust section. Clicking these button now steps the picture size up or down to allow you to select from common sizes.

2/2/09 - Revision 11.0.15
- In Layout Page, B&W plan was not reappearing after color removal. Fixed
- In Furnish, when coloring, the setting for All is always checked by default but now retains user changes on a particular visit to Furnish.
- Improved handling of Background buttons in VR.

2/2/09 - Revision 11.0.14
- Views saved prior to PartyCAD 11 did not include information regarding the color of the background. PartyCAD 11 has been adjusted to derive this data and display such views correctly.
- Unneeded HHTemp file is now removed at the termination of "picture plan" setup.
- Z-fighting in the view shown while using the Tent Wizard's Sidewalls menu has been eliminated.

1/29/09 - Revision 11.0.13
- Further adjustments for background pictures

1/29/09 - Revision 11.0.12
- Made adjustments to improve performance of background pictures

1/26/09 - Revision 11.0.11
- PartyCAD 11 release version

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