Additional Furniture


   Here are some additional tents and pieces of furniture that you can add to PartyCAD simply by clicking the picture or name. Furniture is further down the page. Adding the tents that follow immediately will will cause the items to appear in PartyCAD's Tent Wizard.


Inflatable 2010 - Downloading will add the inflatable pieces above to Global Furniture. Such pieces can be loaded via the Load Custom Piece button in the Furnish module.


 Eureka Oval Tents - Downloading will add Eureka 30x40 Oval and 30x60 Oval tents to PartyCAD's Tent Wizard library. The next time you start the Tent Wizard you will see a Eureka category has been added to the Tent Wizard Library screen. Click this to access the tents.  Note: You must have PartyCAD version 11, build 51 or later for these tents to work correctly. If you have PartyCAD 11, you can update to the latest build here.


New Tentnology Tents - Adds 5 meter triangular, 20' diamond and new style 30x30, 20x30 and 20x40 Tentnology tents to the Tentnology library in PartyCAD's Tent Wizard. The last three of these tents require PartyCAD 11 build 43 or later to work perfectly in the Tent Wizard. (All these tents ship on the PartyCAD 11.0.43 CD or any later one.)


Hex Ends for 30' and 40' Frame Tents - Downloading this will add a Frame Hex End entry to PartyCAD's Tent Wizard library. Within this you will find the hex tent halves, which can be added to a frame tent created with an open end to model hex ended frame tents. 


Giulio Barbieri Tents


Big Top Tents


Anchor Modules Tent Information


Here are some additional pieces of furniture that you can add to PartyCAD simply by clicking the picture or name. Two files will be unzipped into your C:\PartyCAD\Data folder each time you click a piece below. Thereafter, when you run PartyCAD's Furnish module and click the Party Catalog icon, the piece will appear under Global Furniture.


PICNIC - Picnic table


RAILV4 - New style stage rail - 4' section



CALDANCE - California Portable Dance Floor (R)


NOTE: The furniture below ships with PartyCAD 10 or later


NEPTUNE - Neptune Nomadic Display (R)


WAYCOOL - WayCool cooler


HARLEY - a motorcycle


SALBAR - a salad bar


BOWL - a salad bowl


CLAMTOP - a top for a clamshell tent


CLAMG1 - a clamshell tent top with 1 gable end


CLAMG2 - a clamshell tent top with 2 gable ends


SALAMAN - a salamander style tent heater

HEATBOX- a box style tent heater


HEATPIPE - a heat pipe for use with the two pieces above


TRICURVE - a stretchy triangle


  SERP54 - If you arrange four of these serpentine tables to create a circle, the hole at the center will have a diameter of 48" and the overall diameter of the tables will be 108"

 GENER - a generic generator


ADIRON - Adirondak Chair







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