Updating Your PartyCAD 7

  Modified 4/23/2007

The following bug remains in the last build of PartyCAD 7. If you wish to use PartyCAD's List and Report module to price arrangements containing parts lists, please request a demo of PartyCAD 10 by clicking here


4/23/07 - Revision 10.1.16
- In the List and Report module, if you set up Parts Lists for complex pieces, say pipe and drape booths for instance, the part counts generated by the module were correct, but the extension of the price information relating to the parts was mishandled, giving obviously incorrect results. Fixed in PartyCAD 10


How to Update Your PartyCAD 7 to Version 7.1.16

If PartyCAD 7 is installed on your computer, you can update it to the last version of that year, but you must know what version you are currently using.

     1.  Minimize this screen, run PartyCAD and click About. Note the version
          number for use in step 3. If About says you have PartyCAD 7.1 Build 4
          This means you have Version 7.1.4  You must have at least Version 7.0.0
          to update your software using the procedures below.

     2.  Stop PartyCAD. You cannot update with PartyCAD running.

     3a. If you have a Version 7.1.2 or less the update procedure requires that a
          4MB file be downloaded. To start the download, click:
                          Update My Older Version of PartyCAD7 
Click Open when the download starts

If you do not have a high-speed Internet connection you may find it more
          convenient to request an update disk from us by calling 814-226-5600. 

          Clicking above will update PartyCAD to Version 7.1.3. You can then
          quickly update to the current version by using the procedure in 3b.

          When the download completes, the updater will run. When this completes
          you can run PartyCAD.

     3b. If you have a Version 7.1.3 or later the update procedure is simple. Click:
                          Update PartyCAD to the Latest Version
                                   Click Open when the download starts

 This update only requires that a small file be downloaded. When the
          download completes, the updater will run. When that completes you can
          start PartyCAD.



Updating your software will apply the following changes:


10/25/04 - Revision 7.1.16

-- Fixed timing error during load in Furnish

10/25/04 - Revision 7.1.15

-- Fixed error in handling corrupt groups during loading in Furnish

9/30/04 - Revision 7.1.14

-- Fixed errors relating to creating PDF files that began with Version 7.1.13

9/17/04 - Revision 7.1.13

-- In Make Plan, attempting to move a very large number of points causes the program would fail. Fixed

7/21/04 - Revision 7.1.12

-- If tents were present on both visible and invisible layers, the View module became confused and did not render one or more of the visible tents correctly. Fixed
-- In Furnish, if version 7 was running as an earlier version and you zoomed in and then selected a piece, the program would zoom out to a full view of the arrangement. Fixed.

6/24/04 - Revision 7.1.11
-- In Layout if a large number of lines were sketched with "create drawn part," sometimes a "subscript out of range" error occurred. Fixed.

5/18/04 - Revision 7.1.10
-- If a combination "table&chairs" piece such as a 5RT8C was the first member of a group that was saved as part of an arrangement, the next time the arrangement was loaded into Furnish the chair count was miscalculated. This error did not affect counts in the Report Cost module, where the correct number of chairs was reported and used in price calculations. Fixed

4/16/04 - Revision 7.1.9
-- Made changes to accommodate very large floor plans.

3/30/04 - Revision 7.1.8
-- If a bitmap that was part of a page created with Layout Page went missing, the program became a bit confused and sometimes shifted the page with the missing part. Fixed

-- Doors were not exported as part of a plan saved as a piece in Make Plan. Fixed

3/23/04 - Revision 7.1.6
-- In Furnish if you rotated a piece and then used Fill, the duplicates were not rotated. Fixed.
-- In Furnish if you went to Group Piece, selected some already grouped pieces and then right-clicked, strange things happened because the program tried to regroup the already grouped pieces. Fixed.

-- If the name given to a new project contained a comma, arrangements created in that project could not be reloaded. PartyCAD makes a folder name based upon the project name. Commas in the folder name cause the problem. Now when your project name contains commas, PartyCAD replaces them with semicolons in the folder name.
3/22/04 - Revision 7.1.5
-- Jumping or changing the floor or top height of a group or tent only modified the master piece. Now changing the floor height of groups or tents works correctly.
-- Added a reminder when printing from Furnish with a background picture that the picture will not be printed. As the reminder explains, you must print from Layout Page for the background to print.
-- Added an option in Furnish called Resize Plan. This explains how to resize a lot plan in those cases where you have begun a design and realize the plan should be larger.
-- Furnish allowed you to change the dimensions of tents, but did this incorrectly. Now you must use the Tent Wizard to change the size of tents.

3/8/04 - Revision 7.1.4
-- Completed online update mechanism.
3/6/04 - Revision 7.1.3

-- In Furnish, if Options/Break All Groups was used while a group was selected, the group appeared to still be present after the operation and breaking it caused an error. Fixed

3/5/04 - Revision 7.1.2

-- If corrupt grouping data was saved as part of an arrangement, only the part of the arrangement before the bad data would load. Now when such bad grouping data is encountered during a load, the bad group is automatically broken and the load continues to completion. 

3/4/04 - Revision 7.1.1

-- Added preliminary online update mechanism.
3/4/04 - Revision 7.1.0
-- Implemented a new online update mechanism.
-- Areas under the top of a transparent tent in View were not being colored. Fixed
-- Added various marquise tents to the Clearspan tents in the Tent Wizard.
-- Fixed missing MIDI file problem in movies.
-- Added code to guard against misuse of Private projects.
-- Fixed (again) problems with curving chairs. 

2/20/04 - Revision 7.0.14

-- Some combinations of group deletion then group creation caused unpredictable movement when the Move buttons or the arrow keys were used to move the new group. In addition, if the arrangement was then saved, on the next load the new group would appear at an unpredictable place in the arrangement. Fixed. 

2/19/04 - Revision 7.0.13

-- Added a warning that appears if PartyCAD's Art folder is missing. Virtual Reality cannot run without this folder. Relocating the Global Data Folder via Options/Set Folder Locations requires that the files at the old location be copied to the new one. The Art folder is among these files.
2/7/04 - Revision 7.0.12

--  If a tent was rotated and then edited with the Tent Wizard, the previous rotation was handled incorrectly on return to Furnish - Fixed
--  The color of the wires in Wiretop tents was unpredictable. They will now be colored white/gray
2/5/04 - Revision 7.0.11

--  If a group was selected when a piece was loaded from the Album, the size boxes did not show for the newly loaded piece - Fixed
--  If the first piece in a group was a "flat" piece, the VR and View modules did not display/rotate that piece correctly - Fixed
2/3/04 - Revision 7.0.10

--  Global Furniture created by the Piece Editor would not load into Furnish - Fixed.
--  Thumbnails of Global Furniture made by the Piece Editor not being saved correctly - Fixed

2/2/04 - Revision 7.0.9

--  Fixed an error where very old furniture would not load in Furnish.
--  Fixed Fill in Furnish to correctly handle rotated pieces
--  Fixed Fill to select more reasonable defaults for piece spacing. 

1/30/04 - Revision 7.0.8

--  Fixed an error in frame tent generation in the Tent Wizard.
--  Improved the display of mesh sidewalls in Virtual Reality.


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