Updating Your PartyCAD 8

  Modified 4/23/2007

The following bug remains in the last build of PartyCAD 8. If you wish to use PartyCAD's List and Report module to price arrangements containing parts lists, please request a demo of PartyCAD 10 by clicking here


4/23/07 - Revision 10.1.16
- In the List and Report module, if you set up Parts Lists for complex pieces, say pipe and drape booths for instance, the part counts generated by the module were correct, but the extension of the price information relating to the parts was mishandled, giving obviously incorrect results. Fixed in PartyCAD 10


How to Update Your PartyCAD to Version 8.0.61

If PartyCAD 8 is installed on your computer, you can update to the latest version here. If you have PartyCAD 7 or earlier, this procedure will not work.

     1.  Stop PartyCAD. You cannot update with PartyCAD running.

     2.  To start the download, click:
                          Update My Version of PartyCAD8 
Click Open or Run when the download starts

     When the download completes, the updater will run. When this completes
     you can run PartyCAD.



Updating your software will apply the following changes: 

11/15/05- Revision 8.0.61
-- Fix 8.0.57 did not allow for project names that contained a dash preceded by a space, mistakenly treating this as a problem. Fixed.

10/27/05- Revision 8.0.60
-- If the Windows taskbar was moved to a position other than the bottom of the screen, PartyCAD would fail at startup. Fixed

10/24/05- Revision 8.0.59
-- In Furnish, if you hold the Ctrl key as you click Options/Break All Groups, all groups are broken and all tents are removed from your design. This option allows PartyCAD to remove corrupt tent data from an arrangement. The reasons why such corruption might occur are under investigation.

10/3/05- Revision 8.0.58
-- A file named PROJECT.INF is present in each folder containing a PartyCAD project. If this file is missing, the program does not recognize the folder as containing a project, and so it is not listed by the Project Manager. This logic has been altered to do a more extensive analysis if PROJECT.INF is missing, and to rebuild it if possible from other information that is present if the folder does indeed seem to contain a PartyCAD project.

9/27/05- Revision 8.0.57
-- If a blank character was added to the end of a name when saving in Furnish or Layout Page, PartyCAD would become confused and unable to load that file and other related ones. The program now checks for and removes any spaces at the end of the names you specify. Furthermore, when needed, PartyCAD fixes this problem in file names that may already exist in a project.

9/26/05- Revision 8.0.56
-- If a needed file somehow became corrupt PartyCAD would fail with an "Input past end of file" error at startup. Fixed

8/23/05- Revision 8.0.55
-- Fixed a bug in the Party Wizard that caused the program to crash if there was not a page or a tent in a project being added to the Wizard's database.

8/22/05- Revision 8.0.54
-- In the Tent Wizard, added additional center wires to ends of frame tents in wire top models

8/10/05- Revision 8.0.53
-- In the Tent Wizard, if the Wire Top checkbox was checked and the tent was passed back to the Furnish module, Furnish would treat the new tent as a group rather than as a tent. This caused problems if you attempted to further modify the tent. Fixed.
-- In Furnish, deleted tents could sometimes be passed to the Tent Wizard for modification. If you Canceled out of the Tent Wizard in such circumstances, PartyCAD would become confused and reinstate the deleted tent in a corrupted state. Fixed

8/5/05- Revision 8.0.52
-- In Layout Page, pages with more than 100 items caused the testing for Automatic art regeneration to fail. Fixed.

7/14/05- Revision 8.0.51
-- In rare cases dimensioning would fail in Layout Page. Fixed.

6/17/05- Revision 8.0.50
-- If a very large DXF file was imported and saved as a plan, Furnish would not load the result and reported the plan file as missing. Fixed. Such plans now load.

6/14/05- Revision 8.0.49
-- On systems using Large Fonts, part of the Email Menu / Server menu was obscured. Fixed

6/14/05- Revision 8.0.48
-- In Project Manager, a corrupt Project.Inf file could cause the program to fail while building a list of available projects. Fixed

6/10/05- Revision 8.0.47
-- In Furnish, Wedge Fills of certain pieces were failing to create the expected pieces on exiting Fill. Fixed.

5/17/05- Revision 8.0.46
-- Placeholder file could trip up Party Wizard art regeneration under some circumstances. Fixed

5/10/05- Revision 8.0.45
-- Designs that contained GLOBE lights could cause Picture Show to crash. Fixed.
-- Coloring a view in the View module caused automatic updating to behave erratically. Fixed
-- Uncoloring a colored view had no effect on the final page. Fixed. The former colored view is shown as inaccessible. You must delete this and load the uncolored view back onto the page manually.
-- Empty .LAY files caused PartyCAD to crash. Fixed.

5/9/05- Revision 8.0.44
-- Bullet proofed PartyCAD and Project Manager startup code to cope with damaged information files.

5/5/05- Revision 8.0.43
-- If PartyCAD version 8 was running as PartyCAD 3 or earlier, deleting certain pieces in Furnish could cause the program to crash. Fixed

5/2/05- Revision 8.0.42
-- On French language systems, the Party Wizard worked the first time but failed after that. Fixed.

4/27/05- Revision 8.0.41
-- If an arrangement containing a group with over 2000 pieces was saved, trying to load the saved arrangement at a later time caused the program to fail. Fixed.

4/27/05- Revision 8.0.40
-- At the completion of making a drawn landscape, control was not returned to Furnish and a missing file warning was given. Fixed.

4/27/05- Revision 8.0.39
-- A temporary file (TEMP062698.VEW) created during landscape and piece generation caused an irritating warning message to appear whenever a page was checked to see if it was time to automatic regenerate art. Fixed.

4/22/05- Revision 8.0.38
-- If a project did not contain a tent, adding it to the Party Wizard caused an invalid suggested folder name to be displayed. Using this suggested name often caused PartyCAD to fail. Fixed.
-- If all pages in a project did not contain arrangements, the project could not be added to the Party Wizard. Now the requirement is that at least one page in a project must contain an arrangement if it is to be added to the Party Wizard.

4/20/05- Revision 8.0.37

-- In Layout Page, if you right clicked on a drawing (view) containing more than 32,000 lines, PartyCAD failed. Fixed

4/12/05- Revision 8.0.36
-- In Furnish, attempting to save a very large arrangement as a single piece caused PartyCAD to fail. Although the program still ends, I now does so with a note to Group the pieces and try again. Any number of pieces can be saved as a Grouped Piece.

4/7/05- Revision 8.0.35
-- In VR, selecting a 3D figure and then using the quick select arrows to change to a north or south view caused PartyCAD to error out. Fixed.

3/29/24- Revision 8.0.34
-- Pages with a very large number of lines would cause the automatic updating mechanism to fail. Fixed.

3/24/05- Revision 8.0.33
-- The option in Show Help Videos that allows you to copy the videos to your hard drive was not copying all of the videos. Fixed.
-- A very old and seldom used feature in Furnish is the ability to press the L key and enter the name of a piece to load. This now works again.

3/21/05- Revision 8.0.32
-- Changes made in revision 8.0.29 caused the lists displayed at the right of the Custom Pieces selection menu to perform in unexpected fashion. These lists are now hidden and it is no longer possible to select anything but custom furniture when you click the Load Custom Piece button. Click the Load from Album (two to the right of Load Custom Piece) to load pieces of furniture other than custom pieces.

3/21/05- Revision 8.0.31
-- In Make Plan, in rare circumstances the program would fail every time you attempted to add a window because the default window type had been somehow changed to an invalid value. Fixed.

3/18/05- Revision 8.0.30
-- In Furnish, when doing a Wedge Fill the preview was correct, but when you clicked OK to add the pieces to the arrangement, all except the first were rotated 180 degrees from their correct orientation. Fixed.

3/16/05- Revision 8.0.29
-- In Furnish, if you clicked the Load Custom Piece button, sometimes the most recently used Furniture Album page was displayed instead, and you had to click the Load Custom Piece list entry to see the Load Custom Piece menu. Now the Load Custom Piece menu is displayed whenever you click the Load Custom Piece button.

3/10/05- Revision 8.0.28
-- In the Party Wizard second screen, if the longest line of text in the cornerblock area did not contain a colon (:) the program would error out, and the next time you attempted to create a party of the same size PartyCAD would error out when you clicked Next on the first Party Wizard screen. Both problems have been fixed.

3/9/05- Revision 8.0.27
In Furnish, with a non-grouped piece selected, if Group Pieces was clicked, a group was selected and Cancel was then clicked, the original non-group piece would still be the current piece, but the Break Group button was displayed in error. Clicking Break Group at this point would occasionally cause corruption of grouping data. Fixed.
In VR, if two identical tents were present in a design, except that their sidewalls differed, sometimes the sidewalls for the first tent were applied to the second tent (in addition to the first) and the real sidewalls for the second tent were ignored. Fixed.

2/20/05- Revision 8.0.26
-- Party pricing was being misreported at times in the Furnish module, though it was correct in List & Report. Fixed.
-- A light gray border was added to BMPs generated by the Party Wizard (BMPs with ~ in the name) in the Layout Page module. This was done to remind you that the bitmap is still on the page though it may be all white due to the addition of sidewalls to a tent.

2/20/05- Revision 8.0.25
-- Logos were not being reloaded when a page in Layout Page was saved and then reloaded. Fixed

2/10/05- Revision 8.0.24
-- AutoPlay of Picture Shows with 12 slides failed after the last slide was displayed. Fixed
Missing x-800-800.jpg file error in exported Picture Shows. Fixed
(The PartyCAD update link above fixes these bugs within PartyCAD, but they were also present within the Player programs that ship with exported Picture Shows. Click here to Update the Player Programs, then re-export your Picture Shows if your PartyCAD CD is earlier than version 8.0.24.)

2/10/05- Revision 8.0.23
-- Changes made in revision 8.0.18 caused the Fill command in Furnish to stop working. Fixed

2/6/05- Revision 8.0.22
-- Improved the Party Wizard to make the folder location you last used in the wizard or in the Project Manager the default location for the next wizard project you create.

2/4/05- Revision 8.0.21
-- Changed the way logos work in the Party Wizard. Now if you change the size or turn off the logo while using the Party Wizard, these settings are remembered for all future uses of the wizard, regardless of the design selected. In the past, these values were saved on a per design basis.
-- Corrected party generation so that if you turn the logo off, a logo will not appear in the finished design.
-- Improved the performance of Layout Page to remove unneeded copies of files when you return to the Main Menu.

2/3/05- Revision 8.0.20
-- Fixed a duplicate rotation problem in Furnish

2/1/05- Revision 8.0.19
-- Improved the reliability of the VR module when dealing with very large arrangements.
-- Improved the reliability of the VR module when skyboxes have been reset.

1/30/05- Revision 8.0.18
-- Hitting the D key in Furnish is one way to duplicate the current piece. This causes a duplicate, drawn in blue, to be placed over top of the current piece. The blue color duplicate is the tip-off that one piece is laying over another and needs to be moved. In the past, if you hit the D key multiple times without moving a duplicate (usually done by accident) PartyCAD would dutifully create additional duplicates at the same location. These could easily be missed, and though such forgotten duplicates do not affect the look of the plan or related 3D drawings, they do result in incorrect piece counts for the design. This problem has now been addressed and you can no longer create more duplicates until the first has been moved off of an original piece.

1/26/05- Revision 8.0.17
-- If more than 25 lots of the same size are created using New in Furnish, PartyCAD crashes. Fixed.

1/13/05- Revision 8.0.16
-- Improved spacing of multi-line text with Courier New and Arial fonts in PDF files generated by Layout Page

1/9/05 - Revision 8.0.15
-- Revamped cornerblock part of second Party Wizard form to make it easier to enter larger lines of text and revised cornerblock default text.
Corrected a bug that occurred if a watermark was changed after a page was created with another watermark.
Fixed a bug in automatic scale sizing that sometimes caused the scale to change inappropriately
Fixed problems with saving a page under a new name in Layout Page
Fixed problems with abandoning changes to a page in Layout Page
Got rid of extraneous appearance of form pages in local folders
-- Corrected Start/Programs/PartyCAD list on CD
Added PartyCAD 8 book to CD

12/28/04 - Revision 8.0.14
DXF import was improved to import X-Y data from 3DFACE entities and to ignore mesh and spline data in VERTEXs.


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