Updating Your PartyCAD 9

  Modified 4/23/2007

The following bug remains in the last build of PartyCAD 9. If you wish to use PartyCAD's List and Report module to price arrangements containing parts lists, please request a demo of PartyCAD 10 by clicking here


4/23/07 - Revision 10.1.16
- In the List and Report module, if you set up Parts Lists for complex pieces, say pipe and drape booths for instance, the part counts generated by the module were correct, but the extension of the price information relating to the parts was mishandled, giving obviously incorrect results. Fixed in PartyCAD 10


How to Update Your PartyCAD to Version 9.0.40

If PartyCAD 9 is installed on your computer, you can update to the latest version here. If you have PartyCAD 8 or earlier, this procedure will not work (see above.)

     1.  Stop PartyCAD. You cannot update with PartyCAD running.

     2.  To start the download, click:
                          Update My Version of PartyCAD9 
Click Open or Run when the download starts

     When the download completes, the updater will run. When this completes
     you can run PartyCAD.



Updating your software will apply the following changes: 

12/4/06 - Revision 9.0.40
-- Added code to recover gracefully when loading a damaged page

10/26/06 - Revision 9.0.39
-- If the Goto Layout Page button in Furnish was clicked and the current Layout Page page was automatic, a "Cannot display modal form" error occurred. Fixed.

10/26/06 - Revision 9.0.38
-- Fixed an unusual problem with the collection of the names of files related to a page in Layout Page that caused a subscript out of range error.

9/18/06 - Revision 9.0.37
-- The Reset button added to the Preview menu of the Tent Wizard in Revision 9.0.33 resets the Parts Association section to default values, but the new settings were not being remembered the next time the wizard ran. Fixed.
-- A line was missing from Clearspan mids when displayed by the View module. Fixed.
-- Many lines were not being rendered in tent tops in the View module. The performance of the View module in this regard has been much improved.
-- Open tent windows were missing top and bottom lines when displayed in the View module. Fixed.

9/15/06 - Revision 9.0.36
-- PartyCAD automatically removes blanks from the ends of file names you enter. Assume the small b represents a blank in what follows. If you typed a file name of CATb, PartyCAD would automatically change this to CAT. However, if a file named CAT already existed, the program would fail with a File Already Exists error. This bug has been fixed as follows. If a file already exists, the last letter of the name is now duplicated as required to avoid the problem. In the example, CATb would be renamed CATT

9/14/06 - Revision 9.0.35
-- If PartyCAD was set to use metric units of measure, creating a background picture resulted in an incorrectly scaled plan. Fixed.
-- If a machine's default date format called for periods in displaying A.M. and P.M. (as opposed to AM and PM) a type mismatch error could occur. Fixed.

9/2/06 - Revision 9.0.34
-- Clicking Edit/Split Project in the Project Manager with a project containing a very large number of arrangements (350+) caused the program to fail with an invalid index error. Fixed

8/19/06 - Revision 9.0.33
-- Under certain rare conditions, the View module would get an invalid index during hidden line removal. Fixed.
-- Added a Reset button to the Parts Association section of the Preview menu in the Tent Wizard to make it easy to return to the default part association scheme.

5/27/06 - Revision 9.0.32
-- If you added a label in Furnish, then went to the Tent Wizard or some other module and returned to add a second label, PartyCAD would fail with a Bad File Name or Number error when you clicked OK to add the new label. Fixed

5/2/06 - Revision 9.0.27
-- A problem with the handling of favorites lists caused the program to crash. Fixed

4/30/06 - Revision 9.0.26

-- New Feature: A Clear Top checkbox has been added to the Assembly Menu in the Tent Wizard for most styles of tents. Checking this box causes a wire-frame version of the top to appear instead of a solid top. This is useful when a multi-tent design includes both clear and solid top tents.
-- Adding notched drip edges to a tent caused an outline of the tent to appear on the ground in the View and VR modules. Fixed.
-- Chairs in 8CONF4 pieces were not counted in the running total of chairs displayed at the top of the Furnish screen. Fixed. (They were included in the Price and List module.)
-- If PartyCAD was set to use metric units of measure, sidewalls were incorrectly generated by the Tent Wizard. Fixed.

4/13/06 - Revision 9.0.25
-- When you right-click on a plan in Layout Page, the program goes to the Furnish module to allow changes, displaying a red Return button that is used to save such changes and return to Layout Page. If instead of clicking Return, you exit the module by clicking the X box at the upper right, changes are abandoned instead of being saved prior to the return to Layout Page. This is correct behavior on the part of the program, but a caution has now been added to insure that work is not lost accidentally by clicking the X box.

4/6/06 - Revision 9.0.24
-- In Tent Wizard, attempting to make a 60x220 tent caused an error. Fixed. Tents twice that size can now be created.
-- In the Tent Wizard, the length of Mid 3 was misreported in the Assembly menu when a tent was loaded from the library. Fixed

3/21/06 - Revision 9.0.23
-- In Furnish, if a grid was displayed and you used the Fill command, the grid moved. Fixed
-- In Layout Page, for unknown reasons label information was saved incorrectly when a page was saved and thereafter the page could not be reloaded. Fixed

3/2/06 - Revision 9.0.22
-- Fixed an unusual situation where PartyCAD was mistakenly coming up in 640x480 mode for unknown reasons.

2/28/06 - Revision 9.0.21
-- Improved reporting of problems due to screen resolution having been set to 24 bit color.

2/25/06 - Revision 9.0.20
-- Improved spacing between lines in multiline Arial text blocks being saved to PDF files in Layout Page.

2/18/06 - Revision 9.0.19
-- Added an option to Make Plan that allows you to save a model of a room with a floor but no ceiling. This is useful if you are using the Party Wizard to create an inside venue. The process for doing this is described on the PartyCAD forum
-- Fixed a bug that caused the Party Wizard stall asking for SMG.PLN if an option other than the first one was last selected when saving in Make Plan.

2/17/06 - Revision 9.0.18
--When working on computers that use metric units of measure, the name suggested for Party Wizard projects was often invalid. For instance- 12.33x5.2333 -- Joe The periods in such a name caused a drive access error when PartyCAD attempted to add the project to the Party Wizard. This behaviour has been modified, and PartyCAD now checks for invalid names.

2/12/06 - Revision 9.0.17
PartyCAD seminars and over 50 demonstrations at the ARA Convention in Orlando turned up a long list of things needing attention. A complete list follows, but the big changes are:
-- watermarks are now exported when you save a page as a PDF file
-- importing art for use as a background in VR has been greatly simplified (see: In Furnish below)

Here is a list of everything that changed in Version 9.0.17.
In Project Select
--If the Global Data project was selected and made an Automatic project, PartyCAD choked trying to update the data in the project. It is now not possible to make Global Data an automatic project.

In Furnish
--Setting up art that is to appear in the background of the VR module has been greatly improved. Now if you go to the Party Gallery's Virtual Reality section and load a BACKPIC, the program prompts you to select a digital picture anywhere on your computer. When you do this, the picture is automatically copied to the current project folder, the BACKPIC is initialized to point to it, and the next time you go to the VR module, the picture will appear.
--If a grouped piece was saved AS1, and then an entire arrangement was saved AS1, no icon was generated for the second piece. Fixed.
--When changing the color of spotlights, it was necessary to change the body color of the piece rather than the lens color. This behavior has been changed, and now changing the lens color in Furnish changes the light's color in VR.
--In Fill, if the piece being duplicated was a 4x4 dance floor, the overall size of the dance floor was not being reported at the bottom left of the menu. Fixed.

In the Tent Wizard
--If the Metric Option was selected, sidewalls were built incorrectly - fixed
--If the pole spacing on ends is set to a value greater than the length of the end and drapes are added to the tent, half of the drape where the ends meet the mids will not be added to the model. This is sometimes just what you want to happen. In those cases where a full drape is wanted, set the pole spacing to exactly match the length of the ends.
--When liners were added to clearspan tents, the end of the liner was placed so close to the tent top that it showed through. The ends of the liner are now positioned far enough into the tent so this no longer happens.
--The default length of drapes is now matched to the sidepole height when drapes are initially added to a tent model. This saves a step in most cases where the sidepole heights are not 8'
--Some tents caused a divide by zero error if you switched to metric units of measure in the Tent Wizard. Fixed.

In View
--Vertical lines of sidewalls and dripedges were not showing in the View module for tents created with the new Tent Wizard. Fixed.

--In VR, a very large plan could cause the program to fail. Fixed -- now the program complains but then loads as much of the data as it can manage.

In Layout Page
--Watermarks are now included on PDFs created by Layout Page
--Under Options you can now specify that all output from Layout Page is to be watermarked.

In Picture Show
--holey rug problem fixed in the VR module in version 9.0.15 was also fixed in Picture Show.

1/30/06 - Revision 9.0.16
In Furnish it was possible to save groups containing more than 3500 pieces, but the resulting arrangement file could not then be reloaded. Fixed

1/28/06 - Revision 9.0.15
-- On projects created by the Party Wizard, the project elapsed time was carried over from the base project rather than being zeroed. Fixed
-- In VR, when using tents with floors, at times holes and seams appeared in floors so that the grass underneath showed through. Fixed
-- The Party Gallery Recent Pieces list was not working correctly. Fixed
-- On some machines with limited graphics capabilities, BACKPICs did not show up in the VR module. Fixed
-- The 3D version of computer related pieces now load in preference to the flat versions that show door swings.

1/20/06 - Revision 9.0.14
-- Adjusted line centering in locations menu when large fonts are selected.

1/20/06 - Revision 9.0.13
-- When clicked, the first two help videos, A Few Words from Hank and Using the Help Videos caused an invalid index error. Fixed.
-- In Furnish, a note on using background pictures was added under File/Background Picture. This warns of the difference between temporary and permanent background pictures.

1/17/06 - Revision 9.0.12
Add job data hooks for SBC Enfinity.

1/16/06 - Revision 9.0.11
Some textures caused a cropping error during texture selection within Furnish. Fixed

- Revision 9.0.10

-- Applying a texture to a vertical billboard in Furnish caused an error. Fixed
-- Layer information was lost when a tent was changed using the Tent Wizard. Fixed

1/13/06 - Revision 9.09
-- Cropped DXF files imported as plans were not correctly created, resulting in mysterious data shifting when moving from Furnish to View or VR when such plans were used as the basis for a design. Fixed.
New Feature when importing DXF plans for use with PartyCAD:
Cutting Individual Lines - sometimes you may want to remove individual lines from the drawing of the DXF file. To do this, hold the CTRL key down as you left-click the desired lines with your mouse. Selected line will be drawn in red. If you select an incorrect line, click it again to deselect it. Once you have selected all the lines you want to remove, release the CTRL key, click Cut and the lines will be removed.

12/28/05 - Revision 9.0.8
-- Structures were not loading into Furnish. Fixed
-- Recent list was not working correctly in Party Gallery. Fixed

12/24/05 - Revision 9.0.7
-- New disk sent. Revision base changed to 9.0.7


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