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Welcome to PartyCAD 12

PartyCAD is event design software but can also be use to design offices, homes, computer rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, stage sets and most other spaces in 3D on your Windows computer. The following links will familiarize you with PartyCAD 12.

PartyCAD Home Page

PartyCAD 12 Brochure


Learning PartyCAD 12

The best way to get started with the program is to watch the PartyCAD 12 Quick Start video  If you want more, watch the other videos in the Basic Training section of the videos catalog.

Another possibility is to view/print the PartyCAD 12 Users Guide. This 30-page step-by-step manual is meant for those who are new to computers or to the ideas involved in using CAD programs. The manual also contains many tricks and techniques you may be aware of if you just watch the videos.


PartyCAD 12 Help

The help file you are now reading is a reference that details every command and menu within PartyCAD 12. Browsing here is a good way to become expert at any specific area of the program. Use the Table of Contents at the left to get around.