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Basic Training

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The videos below will give you a good basic understanding of how to use PartyCAD 12. At a minimum, you really should watch the Quick Start video as this will save you much time and confusion.

It will take about 55 minutes to watch all the videos in this section, and at the end of that time you will have seen every major part of the program put through its paces.


Quick Start (9:40) - a fast-paced demonstration of how to use PartyCAD 12.



Files and Options (7:30) - how to access, manipulate and organize your PartyCAD 12 project files. How to control where PartyCAD 12 will store your projects, how to control how often the program checks for updates and how to control weather the program will use metric or imperial units of measurement.



Adding Your Logo (5:45) - how to create a form so your logo and company name will appear on the pages you create.



Working with Templates (5:15) - how to use a template as the starting point of a new design and so increase your productivity when using PartyCAD 12. How to create your own templates.



Using a Picture as a Plan (6:22) - how to use an aerial photograph, CAD Drawing or any other image as the plan on which you can create a 3D design in PartyCAD 12. Also there is an advanced video: Picture as Plan 2



A 3D Ballroom (12:35) - How to create a simple 3D model of a venue using PartyCAD 12. How to use groups and fill to create novel furniture arrangements. How to use lights and  structural flattening in the views you create.



Pages and Print Options (6:09) - how to make multiple pages within a project. How to add watermarks, annotations, parts lists and price reports to your PartyCAD output.