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Advanced Techniques

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The videos below discuss various advanced techniques available within PartyCAD 12.

 Making Furniture  - a series of videos on how to make your own furniture


PartyCAD 12 on OneDrive (8:37) - Using OneDrive to share PartyCAD 12 files across multiple machines.


Adding Shading to your Designs (6:20) - Various ways to add shaded areas to your designs



Copying a Group to a Different Project (4:53) - How to save a group of pieces to the furniture library to speed your design work and move furniture from one project to another.



Dance Floors and Stages (4:39) - Various ways of making dance floors and stages



Making Billboards - People, Signs and Backdrops (6:29) - How to include digital art in your virtual reality views to simulate people, signs and backdrops. It is suggested you refer to the written instruction as you construct your first few billboards.



Making Webpages (4:00) - How to create a webpage from a project.



Making Movies (9:40) - how to record and save .wmv movies of a design. For setup information, see Making Videos in Help