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Making Furniture

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The videos below discuss how to make your own furniture using PartyCAD 12.


The Basics of Making Furniture (9:56) - How to setup PartyCAD for making furniture. How to use the Piece Editor to change and add colors to a piece. Ways to reshape a piece. How to save and use a new piece of furniture.



Grouped and Simple Pieces (11:28) - The difference between simple and grouped pieces. How to create a new piece by combining existing pieces. How to edit edges and icon lines using the Piece Editor.



Working with Basic Shapes and Pieces (12:22) - How to manipulate basic shapes and pieces to create furniture. How to save backup copies as your design evolves. Finishing touches when creating new pieces.



Extrusions and Bodies of Rotation (10:29) - Limitations on creating furniture. How to create pieces using extrusions and bodies of rotation.