Hi! I'm Hank Hufnagel, and I was Scoutmaster of Troop 51 of Clarion, PA from 1996 to 2001. The troop still continues along today and the current website can be found here: Troop 51

The pages below contain things from the late 90s that will be of interest to current Scouts and Scouters, as well as to the hundreds of young men who spent some time with the troop when they were young.

Troop and Crew Pictures
Troop 51 was originally founded in 1911 or 1912. Over the years it has stopped and started a number of times. Most recently, the troop was restarted in February, 1996 under the sponsorship of the Clarion Masons. Here are summer camp and Philmont Crew pictures from my time with the troop.

Out With the Boys – The Many Adventures of Troop 51
For years I wrote news articles about the various outings of the Troop for the Clarion Area News. When the first of our Scouts made Eagle in 2001, I decided to make a book of these articles and present it to them as a remembrance of our days together. Recently, I re-edited this book and made a Kindle Edition.

Catapult and Trebuchet

Of all the Scouting articles that I ever wrote, the one about building Scout a catapult was the most popular. Here are the plans.

One other time, we built a trebuchet, and as part of our preparations, I constructed a model that threw M&Ms. See here for how to build your own.

More Stuff

Swiss Army Knife Video - PDF of lyrics & chords

The Knave in the Night - a story about a rainy day game for campers (PDF)

Buck’s Loot - a novel about the adventures of a Boy Scout in Clarion PA

Tarp Tents

Forget your fancy store-bought tent. There is nothing quite like sleep out under a tarp. Here you’ll find out about how to make tarp tents, including my favorite, the pyramiddle.

BSA Troop 51 of Clarion, PA

YouTube Videos of Our Adventures

Recently I have been converting my old VHS tapes to a more modern format, and have stumbled on a lot of good footage that deserves preservation. See here for the best of what I have found.