Hufnagel Software


Commercial event design software I have published since 1986.  Video   Site  

Spiro Math

A Windows game that exercises your mental math skills.          Video   More  

Clembo’s Jet-Ski

My son and I made this little game for my brother.            Video   More

Mouse Math

A whimsical little Windows game that drills kids on math facts.  Video   More  


A program to create an infinite variety of interesting little ornaments.  Video   Site  

Scout Law Game

A little Windows game that teaches tenderfeet the Scout Law.    Video   More  


An easier to use symmetric art drawing program.

          Video   More


Create a variety of symmetric-ally decorated art and 3D models.      Video   More


An Xbox 360 game which explores a world full of elegant polyhedra.   Video   Site


A simple tile sliding game for people who enjoy looking at squirrels.     Video   More