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  If you ever drive across Pennsylvania on Interstate 80, you will surely pass through Clarion County. Mostly what you will see are rolling hills and deep, steep-sided river valleys covered with mile upon mile of lush forest, but this part of the world has a surprisingly interesting and varied history.
   Toby's Curse is a novel that tells the story of the county through stories of its people. Jed Frolic was there at the beginning in 1779, when a kindness and a killing tied his family to a mysterious old Indian called Toby. And even now, after more than 200 years, someone is still haunted by Toby’s Curse.   

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  It is fall in Clarion, Pennsylvania. The woods are in their glory, and the week-long Autumn Leaf Festival is about to begin. Timid 14-year-old Mouse Monroe looks forward to the hoopla, but while on a campout at Bear Run, he makes a discovery that will transform him and add mystery, adventure and romance to the exciting days ahead.

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  This is the story of a Boy Scout Troop and of its adventures in the woods, meadows and parks of Pennsylvania in spring rain, summer heat and winter snow. Here are tales of catapults, signal towers and monkey bridges; of weeklong hikes on the West Rim Trail and deep into the mountains at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico; and of wild times at summer camp, district jamborees and international camporees. These are days of adventure as the Scouts of Troop 51 of Clarion, Pennsylvania spend weekends and summers out with the boys.

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  Bill Lauer is my first cousin, once removed. He was born in the parlor of his grandfather's home in Marble, Pennsylvania on August 7, 1920. This autobiography contains his recollections of growing up in the Fryburg area of Clarion County, of his years at Indiana Pennsylvania State Teachers College and of his adventures during World War II.

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  This book has what you need to find the many historical treasures of Clarion County. It contains an introduction to treasure hunting and a brief history of Clarion County, Pennsylvania, but it is primarily a map book. There are historical maps showing: Indian paths, settlement dates, early roads, property ownership in 1865, old railroads, gas & oil fields, township maps from 1865 and 1986, maps of towns and villages in 1865, aerial photographs of towns and villages in 1993, early topographic maps. The book also contains extensive notes and a bibliography.

Paperback Available from the Clarion County Histoical Society

  How a small, white mouse from America came to travel to England and create a ruckus at the Tower of London. My son and I wrote this when he was 8.

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  When my son was 7, we were reading a lot of L. Frank Baum books… The Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, The Woggle-Bug Book, etc. Perhaps inspired by this mirthful foolishness, we conspired to write and illustrate our own outlandish adventure, wherein a happy accident transports us to the land of the Herumps where we meet a new friend who has a story to tell.

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