More About Clarion County

More About Clarion County


  Videos About Clarion County

Runabout - 1910

All about James Crooks' first

car, a 1910 Maxwell

Sutton-Ditz Museum

Mary Lea Lucas gives a   

tour of Clarion's best museum  

On Toby Creek

About Toby Creek and

how it tried to kill me  

Naming the Clarion

About the many names of

our river over the years  

When I was a Kid

A song about my education, illustrated with pictures of old Clarion County schools

Clarion's Castle

How the old county jail came

to be built and abandoned  

Will O' Wisp

A Seneca legend that begins in our region  

A Helping Hand - 1855

An eventful stagecoach journey from Clarion to Pittsburgh

Long Ago Strattanville

Lou Arner talks of growing up in the 1920s and 30s.   

Reid's Post Office

The story of Hugh Reid

and the town he founded

St Michael's Cross

A story about the building

of Fryburg's famous church

Ben Hogan's Riverboat

What happened when the 'Wickedest Man in the World' came to Parker City

Damming the Clarion

The history of dams, large and small, on the Clarion River

George Coyle - 1870

The sad story of a gentle giant and his time in the oilfields  

The Air Show - 1924

All about the events leading up to the famous day an airplane attempted to take off from Main Street in Clarion

Brady's Ambush - 1779

How Samuel Brady saved the children and came to have a loop of the Allegheny named after him

Changing Clarion

About an old house and how Clarion has changed since it was built.

The Ross Family

The story of the remarkable Ross family and the library that is their legacy.  

The latest videos are in the Clarion History Playlist on YouTube