Clembo’s Jet Ski Adventure

In 1996, Pete and I spent a few days in Stone Harbor, NJ as the guests of my brother and his family at their beach rental. We had a great time swimming in the Atlantic surf, visiting the Ocean City boardwalk, and cruising around Stone Harbor.  

In the evenings, we would sit around and scratch at the bites from Greenhead flies and talk. The conversations were rambling, covering everything from the Internet to Scouting and, one night, we ended up talking about the old A-Team series, trying to say ‘I pity the fool` just like BA used to do it on TV.

The highlight of our trip was the morning my brother, who was called Clem in our youth, treated us to an hour of jet-ski riding.  We had a wonderful time skimming along at high speed and so when we returned home, we decided to make a computer game as a sort of a thank you note and remembrance of that big adventure.

Pete and I conspired on the game design, and he pretty much alone did the programming, using Click & Create (C&C). It took about 40 hours to create our masterpiece.

With the release of Windows Vista, the Clembo game quit working. It was just too old. However, I recently dug out my old XP system and made the video walk through here. It was great fun to play the old game again and to remember that morning long ago we rode tandem on a jet ski at Stone Harbor.



All the musical used was found as MIDI files on the Internet. Some are better than others. The songs include: Grapefruit Juicy Fruit, Pipeline, Africa, Volcano, Dr. Who theme, North by Northwest theme, Fins, Neverending Story theme.

We created most of the art in the game ourselves, modifying clip art which came with Click & Create.  Some few pictures were scanned from books or acquired from the Internet, including the two pictures of George Peppard as Hannibal Smith of the A-Team and the sound bite `I love it when a plan comes together`in the final frame.

The swamp and race pictures, and the background of the final frame came from America`s Seashore Wonderlands, National Geographic Society, 1985.  I think the originals were taken by Joel Harrington. The water craft pictures in the Race level began life as parts of pictures in The Boats on the River by Majorie Flack, Illustrated by Jay Hyde Barnum, Viking 1946. The jumping jet-ski on the splash screen originated as the picture-of-the-month on the Personal Water Craft Zone site.


For Windows XP or earlier. Will not work on modern Windows systems.