SLAW - The Scout Law Game

SLAW is a Windows computer game Pete and I created long ago using the Klik-n-Play game creation program. The game will not work on modern computers. You will need a need Windows XP system or earlier. A sound card and mouse are also required.

SLAW consists of screens which display the words in the Scout Law and a bee that you fly around the screen using your computer's mouse. The idea is to touch the bee to the words of the law in the correct order. There are two learning levels and three game levels. In the harder levels, the words also fly around on the screen and you must avoid incorrect words and only touch correct ones. In the last level you must select the opposite of each of the words in the law --- unreliable for trustworthy, gloomy for cheerful, and so on.


For Windows XP or earlier. Will not work on modern Windows systems.