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The Future of PartyCAD

by Hank Hufnagel

I began writing what would become PartyCAD in the early 1980s. PartyCAD 12 was released in 2011 and is the final version of the program. I continue to maintain and make minor improvements to the software, but nothing beyond that is contemplated.

PartyCAD 12 works well in Windows 10, and I expect it will continue to do so for years to come, especially since Microsoft now sells Windows as a service, and there will reportedly never be a Windows 11.

PartyCAD 12 is well documented, with a user guide, an extensive help file and over 40 program-related videos available online to assist users with questions and those wishing to learn more about the program.

Currently I provide email and phone support, but I expect to de-emphasize these in coming years. I am now in my early 70s and have taken to describing myself as "semi-retired."

My current plan is to continue as I have, tweaking the software as required and helping PartyCAD customers. I do not know how long this will continue, but I am still going strong. PartyCAD has always been pretty much a 1-man effort, and I have no plans to sell the business or to actively search for someone to serve as my replacement.

My guess is that PartyCAD's popularity will slowly fade as more modern, Internet-based, cloud-friendly, multi-device solutions for event design appear on the scene. Because of this, I encourage prospective purchasers to take a look at other available event design software before deciding to buy PartyCAD 12.

To those who already own PartyCAD I say, be of good cheer. PartyCAD 12 may never get any better, but I think it will continue to be reliable old-school event design software for many years to come. Even if I eventually become unavailable, the PartyCAD website will continue, and you can hopefully find answers to any questions there. Also, at the bottom of the Contacts section of the website is a list of people proficient with PartyCAD and willing to help.