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Per-user Licensing

Unless you purchase a site license or make special arrangements with Hufnagel Software, PartyCAD 12 is licensed on a per-user basis. This means that your serial number is associated with a single licensed user who may install and use the program on multiple machines. Other people are not authorized to use your serial number and should acquire their own license if they need to use the program.

Design Center

If you plan to use PartyCAD 12 on a single machine where more than one person may be using the machine for design work, this is allowed with a single user licence as long as the licensed user registers the program on that machine and takes responsibility for insuring only one person is using the software at any given time.

Multiple Users

If you have multiple people who will be using PartyCAD 12, you need to acquire a license for each user. Each licensed person can then use the program on their desktop, laptop and home computers.

Site License

If you will have more than 5 people using PartyCAD 12, a site license makes sense. With a site license, everyone located at a single physical location is licensed to use the program.

License Enforcement

PartyCAD 12 keeps track of your usage. It does not record any of your design data, but it does keep track of the features you use and any problems you encounter. It also keeps track of where and when you use the program. Periodically this information is sent to us for analysis. This allows us to fix problems and to know where to concentrate our efforts in improving the program. It also allows us to know if the program is being used in an unauthorized manner. Unauthorized use can cause the program to lock out certain functions, including the ability to create or modify projects. See the License Agreement for details. You can find this by clicking Help and then Browse Help in the Start Menu of the program.