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Try PartyCAD 12

If you are logged onto your Windows computer as an Administrator and your machine meets the machine requirements, you can install PartyCAD 12 right now.

Once you start using PartyCAD 12, you can run it for 30 days in Trial Mode. If you like the software and decide to purchase a license, converting the trial to the full version is as simple as typing in your serial number and re-registering the program.

Any work you do while in Trial Mode will not be lost if you later purchase a license.

To install, click the link below.

     Download and Install PartyCAD 12

  1. Just before the setup program runs, you will be asked if you are sure you want to proceed. Click Yes. If "Windows Protected Your PC" appears, click More Info and then click Run Anyway. Such messages are normal. Windows is trying to make sure you are not accidentally running a program that may harm your computer. The PartyCAD 12 installer is digitally signed and is safe to run.
  2. After the install completes, double-click the PartyCAD 12 icon on your desktop. You should still be logged in as an Administrator when you do this the first time. PartyCAD will know you have just installed the package and will step you through the required Registration and Update steps. You register so we can know you are using the package legally, and so we can track usage and any error information relating to your experience. You update to insure you are using the latest version of the software.
  3. Once the Registration and initial Update complete, you are free to switch out of the Administrator account, and double-click the PartyCAD 12 icon to actually begin using the program.


Important: About the Future of PartyCAD