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Information for New Users

Welcome to PartyCAD 12. As a new user of the program you probably have some questions. This page should provide the answers you need.

About Your License

The serial number you received via email is all you need to make use of your license. We no longer send CDs or manuals in the mail. Everything you need is online and more up-to-date than any physical media could be. If you really need a CD, send a request via email. Please include your serial number as part of such a request.

If you are the only person who will be using PartyCAD 12 at your organization, you are good to go and you can install and use the program on your desktop, laptop and home computers, wherever you like. If more than one person is planning to use the software, please read the licensing information to confirm that you will be using the software legally.

Installing PartyCAD

If you have already installed the trial version of PartyCAD 12, there is no need to install again. Instead, run the program and find the Buy PartyCAD link at the lower-right of the Start Menu. Click that link to register your trial and update the program. After that, you should be all set to use PartyCAD 12.

If you have not installed PartyCAD on your machine, click here to download and install the program. When PartyCAD 12 is run for the first time on a machine, you must register the program. To do this you will need the serial number that is in the email you received from us.

Learning PartyCAD

New Users

If you are new to PartyCAD, please watch the Quick Start video to get an idea of how the program works. You can then start using PartyCAD, but the Basic Training videos are also worth reviewing as these will answer many questions that will occur to you as you become more proficient, questions such as...

If you want to become even more expert with the program, watch some of the more than 40 videos about PartyCAD 12 that are available in the Online Videos catalog.

The PartyCAD Users Guide is also available for those who have little experience with computers. This is an online PDF file which you can print if you like. The manual is 30 pages long.

Users of Previous Versions

If you are expert at using an older version of PartyCAD, watch New in PartyCAD 12 to see what is new in the latest version. This will save you some time and frustration and so is well worth doing. Also, have a look at the list of Basic Training videos and the Online Videos catalog described above. These will teach you how to do many common tasks in PartyCAD 12.

Note: If you like, you can have both PartyCAD 12 and an older version of the program installed on your machine at the same time.

Importing Your Old Data

If you have data from a previous version that you would like to import into PartyCAD 12, watch Importing Data from Older Versions of PartyCAD. Importing is pretty simple, but if you get stuck give us a call and we'll work through the process together.

Contacting Us

  If you ever have a problem with PartyCAD and the Online Help and the videos don’t seem to help, give us a call and we'll get things sorted out. You will find contact information here.