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  1. PartyCAD says, “Could not access the Internet or www.PartyCAD.net” or “Could not connect to Internet”  See here
  2. I cannot register my copy of PartyCAD 12. See here
  3. I Lost my serial number.  See here
  4. I cannot install using my PartyCAD CD. Install the online version instead.
  5. I can’t update my PartyCAD 12.  Use the online updater.
  6. When I try to register or update, the program says, “PartyCAD 12 cannot be updated. Please install a newer version”  Install the online version of PartyCAD.
  7. I cannot order online. Use the online updater. If that doesn’t work, install the online version of PartyCAD 12. Now try to order again and it should work.

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