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Updating PartyCAD 12

Online updates are used to distribute bug fixes, improvements and new features for PartyCAD 12. Updates are free.

Usually you can check for updates from within the program by running PartyCAD 12 and clicking the Check for Updates entry at the bottom right of the Start menu. If this gives a ‘cannot connect to Internet’ message, this is because of your firewall or security settings, or you haven’t updated in some time. Whatever the reason, another way to update is to:

    1. Exit PartyCAD 12 if it is running.

    2. Click the following link:  Update PartyCAD 12

    3. Run the downloaded file, giving whatever permissions are requested.

    4. When the update finishes, close the notice and run PartyCAD in the normal way.

Do not use the following links. They are for testing purposes only.  

Experimental Install   Experimental Update   Download Settings