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  1. PartyCAD is Windows software, and so you will need a computer running the Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP operating system. (If you have a Mac or Linux computer see here)
  2. You will need administrative privileges to install and update the program. The PartyCAD installer will tell you if you do not. Most people run from administrative accounts, but your IT department may instead have you running on a limited account for security reasons. If that is the case, you will have to contact them to help install PartyCAD.
  3. PartyCAD uses DirectX 8 technology from Microsoft to produce virtual reality (VR) views of your designs. Your computer must be equipped with a graphics board capable of supporting DirectX 8. Most but not all machines have this capability.
  4. You will need a PDF reader program to view, email, print and save pages of output produced using the PartyCAD. Two popular free PDF readers are Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader. Most machines already have one of these installed and ready for use by PartyCAD.
  5. You may need to install software such as Adobe Flash Player to view PartyCAD’s online instructional videos. If the software is missing, your browser will probably suggest a solution when you attempt to play a video.

Machine Requirements