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All prices are in US dollars.

Single License

A single user license for PartyCAD 12 costs $495. (See Licensing for details.)

Multiple Licenses

If you wish to have PartyCAD available for use by multiple users at a given site, the cost of additional licenses, after the first, is $250. If you have more than 5 users at a given location, a site license makes sense. A site license for PartyCAD 12 costs $1695.

Physical Delivery

PartyCAD is delivered electronically as a single setup file called PCAD12-Setup.exe   You could save this to a CD or flash drive for future use, however PartyCAD 12 does continue to slowly evolves, and your save version will eventually become out of date. You will then need to download the program again if you want the latest updates. To download the latest version, simply go here.

Upgrade Pricing

If you have an earlier version of the software, attractive upgrade pricing applies:

If you have multiple copies of an earlier version of the software, please contact us to discuss upgrade pricing.