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Additional Furniture and Tents

PartyCAD comes with over 1800 3D models of items you can use in your designs, but there is always something new coming down the line. Below are items that are not included in the current ‘base version’ PartyCAD package. If you are on PartyCAD 12.2.416 or later, you can add any of these to PartyCAD 12 by clicking the links below the pictures, .

Curve Ended “Tidewater” Style Tents by Brand


Anchor Aurora (beta 5/22/15) 45’ Tents  -  Click the link to add the 45’ Aurora tents to the Anchor category in the Tent Wizard. Beta version… tell us if you spot any problems.

Stillwater (beta 5/1/15) 32’, 44’, 57’, 66’ Tents  -  Due to their complexity, the 3D versions of the 66’ tents have wire-frame tops only. Beta version… tell us if you spot any problems.

Sperry (beta 1/30/15) 24’, 32’, 46’, 66’ Tents - Beta version… tell us if you spot any problems.

  Tidewater 44x143’, 44x163’, 51x151’, 51x171’ these are late additions to the set of Aztec Tidewater tents already in the base package. To install the latest base package, see here for instructions.


S1000 - Tentnology S1000 Saddle and TriJoin

PICNIC -A picnic table

RAILV4 - a new-style stage railing

CALDANCE - California Dance Floor (R)

FOLD2 - Wooden Folding Chair


 Eureka 30x40 and 30x60 Oval Tents              20', 30', 40' big top tents (circus tents)


          Anchor Modular Tents                             Giulio Barieri Tents (Italian)